How many total pets do you have?



  • Mary ComminsMary Commins Antioch
    edited 28 October, 2008
    :-h Everycat! There are 5 cats, McDuff, Miranda, Maggs, Sox and me, Monkey. Then there are 2 doggers, Dolly my big St Bernard sis who is my bestest friend :c9 and Toby the beagle. and Mom and Dad and sometimes the 2 legged step brudder.
  • naomi codynaomi cody Charm City
    edited 4 November, 2008
    MEOWLO!!!:-h in our house we have a mom, a dad, the 3 of us (me, lydia, morticia), our skinbro and a baby on the way. eventully daddy wants to add a dog and mom wants fishies!
  • Toby_AragornToby_Aragorn Garden Grove ✭✭✭
    edited 4 November, 2008
    Right now I have 2 brothers, Tweety and Toby (the kitten), one sister, Lilly-Rose, and Cally, who is staying with us until her mommy can get situated. Bubba and Pele come quite often to visit mom as they are lonely and once in a while Jinxy, Sophie and Snax come to visit, but they aren't very friendly. Jinxy and Snax like mom, but not us. Sophie doesn't like anybody. Also, Princess and Bob sometimes stop by and so does Per Jay (he's a polydactyl). Toby keeps all of us on our toes as he's still a baby mom found wandering around the complex after his people moved without him. He is very cute though he's always jumping on me. Mom keeps telling him to go find Tweety, but Tweety hides better than me when he's tuckered out from playing with Toby. We are very happy to be here.
  • Amanda StarAmanda Star Victoria
    edited 5 November, 2008
    Five kitties living in the Seattle apartment, and Meowma also has 3 doggies staying with family in Victoria until she gets a bigger place that allows dogs (should be soon!) None of us kitties have met the doggies yet.. should be interesting!
  • Lily TalaveraLily Talavera West Covina
    edited 5 November, 2008
    There are two humans (meowmy and daddy) three cats and one dog (although meowmy fosters so we have cats coming in and out of here all the time)
    edited 10 November, 2008
    We have 4 cat 2 humans and one little gery mouse that we chase evey nite. outside our window we have 4pair of woodpeckers. a mommy squirrel and 3 babies, we also have 1 mommy and 4 baby racoons. then there is a doe and her twin fawns.they are all fed by my mom abd dad.we love them all sometimes the baby racoons look in the sliding door at us . ruby jane can walk like a racoon its f unny to see . that our family .
  • edited 10 November, 2008
    hi all, i have, 5 cats 2 dogs 1 hamster 3 kids and me. |:|
  • Debra PietrowskiDebra Pietrowski Sussex County
    edited 11 November, 2008
    We have 2 cats 1 chichuahua old man dog 1 parrot and thats enuff fur us! =D>:)):D~a~
  • staci kingstaci king living in Fort Worth
    edited 14 November, 2008
    The kittys have the plush life. There are 2 of us inside. We make the dog stay outside... if he was inside we would all kill each other.
  • edited 21 November, 2008
    Our family is made up of; 3 kitties (Lovie, Lady, geovany) 2 crazy dogs (Tank & Bear) 2 little betas 3 human kids & mom & dad
  • Jeannine HillJeannine Hill Petaluma
    edited 22 November, 2008
    Our family consists of: 4 kitties and 3 humans! |^||^||^||^|
  • Shania NavarroShania Navarro Show Low, AZ
    edited 24 November, 2008
    ♥Three dogs, two red aussie cattledogs and a blue aussie cattledog ♥Three cats, a silver tabb domestic med hair, a bombay domestic medhair, and a tortie domestic med hair.
  • Janie BlahaJanie Blaha Mitchell, Nebraska
    edited 26 November, 2008
    Hi all I posted awhile back saying there were 5 of us and one homeless Siamese outdoor cat well now you can officially make it 6!!! Sammie is part of the family now very very happy inside only like the rest of us...shots, fixed, healthy you name it!!!! Purrs!!!!
  • Tara LaBergeTara LaBerge Airdrie, AB
    edited 1 December, 2008
    4 cats 1 dog 2 humans & there\'s always room for more...:D
  • edited 14 December, 2008
    7 cat's, 5 dog's, 3 adult's. :D
  • Nicole JonesNicole Jones Fort Collins
    edited 6 January, 2009
    I started this thread but now have to update :) It's my SO and I, plus now we have: 3 cats (domestic long hairs) 1 dog (labrador retriever) 1 fish (betta) 0 human kids
  • Kathryn GrahamKathryn Graham Norfolk,
    edited 20 January, 2009
    d-air are 4 of us Gary, Kipling, Redgate, and Baby Daisy
  • edited 23 January, 2009
    We have two cats and 5 birds.
  • edited 23 January, 2009
    At my house there is: 7 cats plus 2 strays hang around 2 dogs 1 turtle 1 rabbit 3 goats 2 horses 14 chickens 5 tropical fish 3 humans And a number of mega spiders seem to live in our basement:-O I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!~a~:^:
  • Bronwen SharpBronwen Sharp Olathe
    edited 26 January, 2009
    Hi, there. My family and I are new to this group. There are 4 kitties in my household. Myself ( Touffee - chocolate point Birman) Cocoa (seal point Birman) Rusty (Maine Coon) Pepper (Domestic Shorthair Tortie) There are also 4 humans (my mom & dad and their two children). So we have 8 in our house! :0)
  • suzanne quirozsuzanne quiroz casa de dusty
    edited 31 January, 2009
    :-h 12 kitties and many outside kitties :-O14 birds, two are very loud! 3 bunnies 3 outside skunks 4 raccoons a couple of possums ;) 2 squirrels when mom feeds the outside kitties the squirrels, skunks, raccoons, possums think that mom is serving them dinner also :D
  • edited 9 February, 2009
    As well as Dex and Lars, I have 3 gerbies: Halford, Tipton and Ashes :)
    edited 10 February, 2009
    well there is me the Queen ,:c9 ,everyones favorite cat Roo :h: Scout is next he is our sherrif:-h can,t forget Xena tiny warrior;c;. that makes 4 a strange bunch|:| but \" WE ARE FAMILY:|/h/|
  • edited 14 February, 2009
    We have hit our max limit....although we\'ve said that before.....there are 8 kitties: Romeo, Ray, Chloe, Cam, Anna, Max, Kia & two puppies: Ziggy & Copper! Not everyone has a page yet, but we\'re working on it! |/h/| :^::^::^::^::^::^::^::^::q:q
  • edited 16 February, 2009
    My My lets see.. There are 6 inside cats, myself, Loki, Jasmine, The Count, Rose, and ReddCAtt. a 75 pound dog, Doyle O Doggie. Out doors we have 5 ferals My Lady cares for, Crainormium ( he had a large head as a kitten) Tiger, Sybal, Jack and Miss Maggie, tho we have not seen her for awhile. Now do bats, coyotes and racoons count? MOL:^:
  • mindi aronsonmindi aronson Panama City Beach
    edited 18 February, 2009
    There are 7 of us and 1 bird to One Mommy!
  • Felicia NeumannFelicia Neumann Menomonee Falls
    edited 19 February, 2009
    :^: 3cats- two Studs and A muffin-::o Opps 3 humans
  • edited 20 February, 2009
    Hmmm, Snipett (ME) Chew Toy (my half sister Lasha) Gopal is our neice and has her own room cause she sprayed everything on account of Tilak Tilak who has her own room Chandy a Tonkinese who was resued at 5 weeks cause some idiot threw her away Tux the B I G guy who came to stay one day, no reason, he just moved in. So that makes 6 cats, two of whom are locked in their own rooms. O.K., Tilak lives in mommy's room and is never let out (she is mean to other pets) We also have six litter boxes. One will hold 40 pounds of clumping litter!
  • Jessica SheppardJessica Sheppard Woodstock
    edited 23 February, 2009
    just me and ella and mommy and daddy. a dog named benji might join but we don't know if we like that idea! he might try to use our litter box D:
  • The_Desert_KittiesThe_Desert_Kitties Vail ✭✭✭
    edited 27 February, 2009
    Well we have 3 cats, me the princess worrior Xena, Tallulah our sweet tiny cat and zeke our only boy cat; then there are our 2 dogs the queen Mia and Milo who was suppose to be chihuahua but he is too big to be just a chi, he is a mix with terrier in him. Oh of course we have our Mom and Dad.... So 5 animals and our parents live here, our kids are all grown up...:o)|^|

    The Desert Kitties
    Kody, Tu Two, Xena, Angels QT, Kandi and Zeke

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