Pet's name: Rasco
Pet's Hometown: NJ
Pet's Birthday:11/15/2016
Pet's Gender:male
A little more about my pet(s):Rescued him after the animal controller trapped him and was about to put him to sleep with a bunch of feral cats


  • Hello ..
    My name is Enid
    I am new here . We just rescued
    a 10 month old black young male cat. He was a stray and the animal controller trapped him and was about to put him to sleep with a bunch of ferals . We used to feed him behind a diner where he would always be and he always ate .
    Since we rescued him from the shelter a few days ago , he will not eat anything . We took him to our vet today . They did blood work and found nothing. They could not get urine to do a urinalysis.
    My cat seems to have a gum infection and a cold . The vet hydrated him today . We are taking him back to the vet tomorrow . He is acting normal in every other way . He is affectionate and purrs . Any comments please ? This cat has to be sick . Any help is appreciated

  • My cat will not eat

  • Timmy_TomcatTimmy_Tomcat Plymouth Meeting 19462 ✭✭✭

    Enid try some tuna juice on top of what you are feeding. If the cat does not eat for longer than 24 hours a vet visit is needed. Cats MUST eat or they get very ill. Not like dogs at all.
    Purrs of support
    Timmy and Family

  • He will not eat ANYTHING

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones Phoenix ✭✭✭

    Oh no! @Enid1957 we are praying things went well!

    Check out our Welcome Page
    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

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