Milo Blue Eyes 'n Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe



  • Early yrs

    Mallee waz bout 7 monthz ol' here

    Mom don't haz furry many picciez o' Smokey Joe

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • CalvinCalvin Scottsdale ✭✭✭

    Smokey Joe was a good looking kitty!

    The Cats in the Clover
    Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky, Sugar, Vivien, Newman, & Inky

  • Thankz @Calvin yesh him waz mom'z lil boy blue. Fore I came. Smokey Joe waz furry smart 'n cud catch 'n retrieve jus like a doggie.

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Here iz me at da top o' da upstairz~

    Playin' ina me garden whena we lifed at da Aptz~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones Phoenix ✭✭✭

    You are sure a handsome boy!!

    Check out our Welcome Page
    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

  • MrD_Sam_RazaMrD_Sam_Raza New Zealand ✭✭✭

    @Milo_Blue_Eyes you are such a handsome kitty

  • Thank U so mush @MrD_Sam_Raza ~! Milo blushez.
    Fur ur pawsome mommy~ <3

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Hey I'z waitin' fur ya'll Mom 'n Paw I be'z down here ina basement, time ta come down~!

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • @The_Wild_Ones wanna ask question here to ya'll fur sm halp~ How doez ya get'z dat sayin' at da bottom whish sez Check out our Welcome page? How doez ya get dat dere? Thankiez fur da halp seemz we learn new stuffz efuryday~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ Beans ✭✭✭

    Milo_Blue_Eyes me haz mowah gawt all ov dem sisfurs & sisfurbs tew!

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • @Kally_Kat_

    THANK U Ah loverz ya'll~

    Mom singz dis song to me 'n her replacez da wordagez wif :wink: MI LO MI LO MIII LO tawkin'' bout MILO MILO ooooOoooo 'n den her singz I guess U'd say what can make me fill dis way? MI LO Miiiii Looooo

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Good-looking kitties and good music!

  • Ooh Milo! You are a beauty and make your mom so happy!
  • @Ætheling 'n @Meep thankiez I doez loverz me mommy lotz 'n bunchez~!

    Dis iz probly da most loved picfur me mommy lovez~

    Dis un iz when we got mom'z tshirst Catster Furefur ~Me checkin' it out~ B)

    Let'z all givez THankiez dis yr fur our pawrentz 'n our fine wonnerfur furiendz here. Me iz furry thankfur 'n greatr fur fur eash o'' ya'll 'n so glad we r gettin' more'z comin' ta play here!

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • @MILO_BLUE_EYES - your mom's t-shirt is furtabulous and even better because you were on it.
    Meow and purrs, Meep
  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones Phoenix ✭✭✭

    Hey everyone! How are you all doing?

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    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones Phoenix ✭✭✭
    edited January 17

    Hey @MILO_BLUE_EYES how do you tag @Ætheling We can't figure out how to do that first letter!

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    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

  • Hhehee @The_Wild_Ones U jus' did 'n all mom doez iz copy 'n paste4 it behind da @ sign.
    @Meep yesh I must make it ME job ta testin' efuirythan'!~
    Mom iz still not feelin'n goo' 'n Paw iz still gone make Tacoo'z. er mite be abvle ta eat 'em. Wee'z see.

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • WolfganggWolfgangg Terre Haute ✭✭✭

    Gibs your Meowmy a huggggggsssss from my Meowmy. She Iz purrrty sick rite naow tew

  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ Beans ✭✭✭

    MILO_BLUE_EYES ** mai mommy & me will say some prayers for you tonight.
    All our
    furriends here** will wish yur Mommy well!

    Thank yew fa da purrity images!

    We sending this big Heart ov love throo the Clouds to get tew you ASAP!

    Some purrity Sunny flowers fur yur Mommy!**

    We luvs Takcozes & Taco Salad, mommy make'em so mush betta than TACO BELL!

    Luvs ya,
    Mommy Liz & ♥Kally Kat♥ Angel

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • Cute Catster shirt with beautiful kitty, Milo!
    Hello, Meep, Wolfgangg, Wild Ones, Kally Kat!
    Yes, copying my name is easiest!
    Or hold down the Alt key, at the same time typing, either 0198 or 146, on the numerical keyboard to the far right.
    (It's different if you have a Mac)

  • Hello Furpeoples! @MILO_BLUE_EYES - I hope your mom is feeling better and she is able to have a tasty Thanksgiving. <3 (this is supposed to be a heart but the less than 3 showed up . . .)
    Big purrs to all, Meep

  • Thank U'z @Wolfgangg @Kally_Kat_ @Meep @Ætheling
    Wolfie sorry ta hearz ur mommy iz sick too!
    ~ Mom'z tummy jus' ain't well 'n her eatz lil portionz o' foodage. 'n her aches all ofur.
    Fur ur mommy'z all o' ya'll~!

    Me lovez ta play ona bed!~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • What pretty pictures!

    Milo, mama prays for your ma and your paw every day.

    Wolfie, mama will say a prayer for your mom as well.

    Hello, every cat! Sweet dreams to everyone tonight.

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones Phoenix ✭✭✭
    edited 21 November, 2017

    Gotta try this! @ÆTHELING! Hope that worked! (And sorry to be so is it pronounced?)

    Check out our Welcome Page
    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

  • Good job, Wild Ones!
    It's 3 syllables. Rhyme it with the way you would pronounce math-eh-ling.
    My typist looked it up when she named me, (she had only read it before, she hadn't heard it) so she wanted to be sure she had the correct pronunciation. MOL

  • WTG @The_Wild_Ones 'n yeah mom doez dat studyin' up on stuff too, not as mush as her once did, but still l ovez to learn new stuff. Dis eye than' iz really makin her lil angry 'n shur hope dem new gtlasses workz rite!~
    Now me gone triez dis da nummer way: Æ hehehe used' alt 'n 146
    oh but wait @Ætheling yesh I doez it!~ Dat 'n dis iz grand too~
    Mom iza still sickly. Achin' n takin' Ibuprophen 'n her goez potty too mush.
    Anyhow, WTI rite? oh ';n thankiez fur lettin' us knowz da actual pronumciationz too~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Glad you learned the alt code :-)
    When is your mom getting her new glasses?

  • @Ætheling cud be'z dis week, but mite not cause o' da holidayz. So next week? Maybe. <3

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones Phoenix ✭✭✭

    Oh @MILO_BLUE_EYES we are PRAYING your mommy' glasses will help!! Mommy would rather loose her legs or her hearing or almost anything rather than her sight! And we sure hope your mommy feels better, too!!
    @Ætheling, wom, we were not very close in how we were pronouncing your name! Thanks for setting us straight!!
    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!

    Check out our Welcome Page
    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

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