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  • HAPPY Thankzgibin' ta ya'll @The_Wild_Ones @The_Desert_Kitties @kingrexxy @BoninBunch @MidnightSon @Toby_Aragorn @Kally_Kat_ @Grammy @Twinkle @Herbie @Wolfgangg @Mayhem @Caspurr @Cody @Mietzi_Katze @Ætheling

    Wild Ones thankiez fur da delish desertz~ Yummy~!

    I luff'ed watchin duckz in March

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • TwinkleTwinkle Birmingham ✭✭✭

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyfur!!!!!

  • I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving
  • I hope you all had a safe Thankgiving
  • @MILO_BLUE_EYES @Aethling @The_Wild_Ones - We hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. No more sickness we hope. Purrs, Meep

  • Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving1

  • BoninBunchBoninBunch Lincoln ✭✭✭

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! <3

  • Thank U'z all~ We haza goo' Tgibin' 'n now Chrissymas iz ON DA WAY!~
    @Twinkle @BoninBunch @kingrexxy @MidnightSon @Ætheling @Meep @Herbie @Wolfgangg @The_Wild_Ones @The_Desert_Kitties @Cody @Mietzi_Katze @Mayhem oh so many furiendz here 'n we purrlayin' togetha~ @Kally_Kat_

    Dear Journal,
    Mom iz not furry happy at da moment. Welperz not really an'ry per se, jus' frustrated 'n flustered a bit. Her got her new glasses dis week. Dey not what her haz plammed to be'z. Dey iz progressive lenz 'n so top iz fur distance, whish workz really well. 'n halpz too. But da mid section her can't see'z anythan'!! 'n da bottom part bi focal da on 'y script iz fur her astigmatism. So back to readers. Mom 'n Pa talked bout dis. 'n dere mite be sum optionz. But mom jus' findz dis all furry difficult after goin' thru all dem surgeriez 'n stuff. On top o' dat, her mid/central vision iz still impaired. Da distance vision part, on'y makez da central vision defection more clear. So dat'z dat....fur now.
    Pa iz goin' thru all kin'a testin' fur hiz inerdz. 'n dey be'z rulin' out if'n not da gall bladder. But, Pa thinkz it iz, 'n so jus' needz fur dem to take it gone~ Him haz many tummy troublez. Mom worriez bout him. 'n den him still battlez da C bladder. Pa iz diabetic 'n da VA iz makin' him two pairz o' new shoez. Dat VA iz furry goo' to me Pa. 'n him deservez it. Him played a major role in da Korean war.

    Chrissymas iz ona it'z way 'n haz ya'll bee goo'??? Me, welperz Pa will tell ya, I be'z a'wayz goo'~! B)
    We got da lil tree put up ona me porch 'n da litez r up, jus' like last yr. Mom will tryz ta getz picciez sumtimez. Da beeg tree in our lifin' room iz up. No goodiez on it yet. But let me tell ya, dis her tree iz fur climbin'! Coz I did. Mom jus' laught 'n I used da base az a scratchin' post~ MOL!
    Mom knowz what ta expect 'n iz furry eazy goin' when it comez to packagez 'n da tree. Oh 'n I halped wrap last nite~ I iz goo' at dat 'n tryz ta hide unner da wrappin' paper, 'n me sisfur loved doin' jus' dat! 'n her lay unner da tree coz her waz Princess o' da Forest! MOL~I basically am da climber~ Chucklez~ We haz more wrappin' ta doez 'n still more shoppin' ta doez. Purrlease share ur Chrissymas stories~ I shur wud lovez ta hear from ya'll~

    Dressed fur da Holiday~!

    Mallee ina her 'forest'~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • TwinkleTwinkle Birmingham ✭✭✭

    @MILO_BLUE_EYES I'm sorry your mom is having such trouble! I know how that is. It's always something!

  • Oh no Milo Blue Eyes..I am so sorry your mom is having problems with her glaases...Eye problems are very serious...Tell your Pa having his gall bladder out will make his tummy much better but he may have phantom pain for few weeks..My Pops had his out in 2009 and feels so much better...
    Our tee is not up yet...Just a few decorations the B's did on Monday when they were here...Mom is not in the spirit yet...We just have a small table top tree...
    Purrs and prayers for your folks...

    The Nicholas Boys....Midnight Son and Angels D-Max and White Boots

  • LOVE the Christmas ornament pictures, Milo! Very creative!
    and prayers for your humans.
    Hello, Everycat!

  • I hope your mom can get some glasses that will help her see better Milo
  • Oh Oh we feel for your ma! our ma tried the contact lenses a long while ago and they made her eyes all scratched up from an allergy to the cleaner and for some months the world looked all scritchy scratchy-so we know how terrible it is to not see correct. We are hoping your ma does not have to have 3 pairs of glasses!!! And for your pa, we know someone too who had the gall bladder out and now is all better. They can make a teeny tiny cut and somehow suck it out now, not as big time surgery as it used to be. So we are hoping this works for your pa, too.
    Love your pics! Stay warm and big hugs, Meep

  • WolfganggWolfgangg Terre Haute ✭✭✭

    Hi meez wonderful friend, @MILO_BLUE_EYES!! I iz so glad dat yew handed a good Fangsgibbing ! BUT furry furry sorry dat yew Meowmy iz habbing trubble wif da new glasses. :s.
    We loves da chrissymass piccies!! Mallee, AZ allus! Iz beed soooooo beooteefur <3 <3 <3 Ob course, I iz a bit smitten wif her an am a leedle bit a secret admirer of hers, az we iz zoomying around da Meadows, I just loves da way da heavenly lights shows off her gleaming fur! Dat Chrissymass pickiest ALMOST due her justice! (Don tell her, iz will make meez blush, mol!)
    Milo, I bets yew iz da bestest climber, dood! I nebber tried dat wif our tree, but I Betz iz fun!

  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ Beans ✭✭✭

    We are all here, to give you our Love & Great Support.
    Also, fur ya Pa tew! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • @Meep welperz dere iz a prob'em now wif Pa (thankiez fur well wishez) coz now Pa iz gettin' dizzy 'n rite on da verge o' bein' dizzy 'n his pulse went up 124 'n da doc sez him not gonna doez surgery til we find out whatZ goin' on. AnyfurFridy him went to da VA here 'n dey strapped him up wif a heart monitor 'n him got wirez comin' 'n goin' efurywhar~ Not comfy! 'n morrow dey will take it off. Him nefur had dat 'fore. 'n dey doin' vampz 'n other testz 'n stuff, guess 'n Pa sez him don't wantz dat surgery whena him feelz like dis, 'n now him takin' nappy. <3
    @kingrexxy it'z not gone getz any beffer. Her iz usin' da strong readerz now, coz dat messed up centralvision her can't read mid part o' wordagez~ Iz furry frustratin'~ :/
    @Ætheling thank U but mom didn't make dat ornament, dat wud be' ('n mom thinkz her memmerz) waz @Grammy Kibbles whofur made dat back ina goo' ol' dayz here at Catster.
    @MidnightSon mom iz workin' on sum o' her Chrissymas Cardz taday, jus' gettin' envelopez done. Dat'z why her usin' her strong readerz 'n plus wif one eyee blind, iz toooooo dark efurywharz!~ Iz flusterin'~ but mom hanngz in 'n can'tz halpz but worry bout Pa. @Twinkle iz ur mommy feelin' beffer dese dayz 'n jus' don't ofur do it at workz, we knowz how buzy it getz at da end o' da yrz. Mom worked in Accountin' fur yearz 'n yr end waz nefur fun~ But the ofurtime waz great~ B) 'n how r U doin' wif ur foodagez, iz it halpin'? Doez ya'll haza Chrissymas tree?

    Mom did makez dis un a few yrs ago. Her hatez her can't se'z ta makez purrty picciez anymorez~! Dat waz her escape her creativity 'n outlet. Now her wrappin' 'n doin' bowz iz finished til dey go buy fur da grand daughter. But her did enjoy puttin' litez up taday 'n balliez 'n other dangley than'z~ Mom will try to catch a few picciez in da next few dayz.

    I hope we don't end up havin' ta doez dis!~~ MOL~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ Beans ✭✭✭

    OMC..... How frustrating is this? Poor kitty he werked so hawd....

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • HeeTeeHeee, Mallee slips in knowing dat Milo and @Wolfgangg posted da same time~ Wheeee Wolfie , Mallee spins 'n courtseys. Would you like to dance wif me?

    Do you like dis sogn? Mom loves it~ Merry Christmas my dear furiend~ Wheee, Mallee twirls 'n shakes her tail. Wolfie you are a grand dancer!

    Dis I efur tell you dat I was called da Range Kitty? We didni't get much cold down in S Texas, but a couple weeks it was chilly. So, I would go crawl up on top of the stove, knowing they had the oven on 'n it would be really warm for my tootsies!~
    Mallee Smiles~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Sorry @Kally_Kat_ me posted about da same time you did~

    Can ya tell mom loves snow. Gotta fly back now, thannks to @Wolfgangg for da nice dance~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • WolfganggWolfgangg Terre Haute ✭✭✭

    Awwww, Mallee! Yew iz da most Purrrrrtyful kitties AN' da best established dancer ebber! MEOW, dat waz fun!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ (Wolfie iz glad dat his Grey fur hides that he iz blushing, just a little bit. So happy to get to dance with the lovely Mallee )

  • WolfganggWolfgangg Terre Haute ✭✭✭

    Growl. Da phone messed up mah typists post! Bestest , not best established, sheesh!

  • Hello, everycat!
    That cat and snow video is great!
    Smart kitty you were, Mallee, to climb on the warm stove.

  • Thank you @Wolfgangg and @Ætheling Mom says I was really smart~ Mallee twirls 'n flaps her long tail and wraps it around herself to be cozy wif her grand furiends. <3 Thank you we will dance again soon~ I loves purrty stuff, how purrty is this? o:)

    I do loves to dance~ Mallee does a cute lil courtesy.

    Mallee waves 'n blows whisker kissies~ @kingrexxy @Kally_Kat_ @MidnightSon @Ætheling @Twinkle

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • WolfganggWolfgangg Terre Haute ✭✭✭

    Love dem purrrty piccie, Mallee! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ n I does sure luuk forward to anover dance soon. { Wolfie gives an elegant bow}. 😻😻😻😻😻

  • Hi Milo-Hoping there is some good news about your pa. This is turning out to be a furry tough holiday season for a lot of furs and their peeps. We love seeing all the old pics your ma posted! Something cheerful and happy goes a long way to make my day. Hope that poor kitty got out the door over the snow. We're having our first of the season snow tomorrow. Thankfully I do not have to shovel! MOL and sending hugs and purrayers to you and yours, Meep

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones Phoenix ✭✭✭

    Oh, @MILO_BLUE_EYES, prayers for you Pa!!!

    Check out our Welcome Page
    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

  • Thankies dear @Meep 'n dear @The_Wild_Ones me pa waz gone visit sum other relativez dere fore hiz hotel stay. He will call mom soon ta let her knowz he haz settled in 'n den he got to drink sum kin'a yuckky stuff~ YUCK stuffz!
    Thank U fur ur concernz mom a'wayz worriez bout me pa. Meep, me not haz ta shovel too, 'n we jus' got a lite dustin' yesty 'n da day fore, so not mush dere now. Jus' col'~ Me furgetz whar ya livez, we in Iowa. Northern part. Iz col' 'n Pa haz ta travel down south to him doctorz. Dey pay fur him ta stay ina hotel nite 'fore da VA do. Wek nowz sum o' our furiendz in WI 'n MI got tonza snow 'n den did ya see da mewz whar south Texas got it too? Houston, Corpus, Alabama, Goergia, dat waz quite weird~ Beeg snow flakez too~ Last season we didn't get a bunch o' snow til mid December. Pa haza snow blower. Thankz fur poppin 'in U doodz~ Mom lovez snow scenez~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • Meowz to ya'll me purrfect furiendz~

    Sorry I not been round mush here 'n dere; iz me Pa 'n him not doin' furry goo' dese dayz. Ya see he been hazin' dese dizzy, shaky eyez 'n stuffz. So early yesty he called him doctor here. Her called back 'n tol' him to call ambulance, welperz me Pa iz furry stubborn 'n sez he cud drive, we on'y two blockz from da ER. So mom went too 'n dey sat fur so long til dey finnally called him in dere, maybe 3 hrs or morez. Anyfur mom hazn't eaten 'n her can't drivez 'n so her walked home. Wazn't bad yesty, lower 40'z 'n su'shine. Den Pa called couple more timez 'n dey doin' an Cat scan, MRI 'n sum test on hiz brain. Dey runnin' all kin'a testz 'n Pa still dere. He got to finally eat last nite, egg salad sammy 'n dis mornin' him got breaky 'n lunch. Thank U ER folkz fur takin' goo' care o' me Pa. Dey thinkz maybe he haz a stroke. But don't knowz still more testz 'n him not comin home today. Mom iz so lost. Her may walk back up to da ER later, although iz gone get lotz col'er~
    Dey waz goin' to go to da store 'n pick up milk 'n bread. Mom jus' won't haz any o' dat stuff. Mom cud walk to da pharmacy, but iz furry col' 'n we getting' blasted wif col' air 'n maybe snow/ice afternoon.
    We shur cud us ya'll purrz 'n purrayerz.

    @Twinkle @kingrexxy @MidnightSon @Grammy @The_Wild_Ones @Mayhem @Caspurr @Kally_Kat_ @Meep @Ætheling @Cody @Mietzi_Katze @Wolfgangg @The_Desert_Kitties @BoninBunch

    Here I'm iz restin' on mom'z chrissymas prezzie from her brother~ Iz mine~

    I lovez ta photo bomb da Chrissymas Tree~

    Here I iz ina third bedroom upstairs, yesh iz mone too!~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • TwinkleTwinkle Birmingham ✭✭✭

    @MILO_BLUE_EYES Wow, that's terrible! I hope your Pa gets better super quick. I hope everyone will be alright. My mommy has a lot of health issues, so she knows how it feels to have all sorts of things wrong with your body. Sending healing light your way!

  • @MILO_BLUE_EYES Oh no...I am so sorry to see this...Prayers and purrs for your Pa from me and Mom...Purraying it is not a stroke and the tests prove negative for that...The beginning of the year Pops had an episode they thought was a stroke and it turned out to be severe vertigo that is very treatable...Does your Ma have someone to drive her and someone to bring your Pa home when they discharge him...If we were closer Mom could help her...You are looking so handsome by the tree...

    The Nicholas Boys....Midnight Son and Angels D-Max and White Boots

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