Pet's name: Cincinnatus "Cinci" Marie Sijan
Pet's Hometown: We assume originally Cincinnati, as that's the area she was rescued in, and she has since lived in Toledo, and now Pierre, SD
Pet's Birthday: Unknown, but since the vet indicated she was 4-8 months old when she was rescued, I back-dated it 6 months before to 6/23/14
Pet's Gender: Originally female until she was divested of her reproductive organs
A little more about my pet(s): She was rescued by my significant other, who lives in the Toledo, Ohio, area, but when my signif other got a rescue pit bull as a "play mate" for Cinci, Cinci didn't like it, so I was asked to bring her back to South Dakota to live with me, even though I'm extremely allergic to cats (although I've always loved, admired, and been amazed by 'em). However, the first time we met, she climbed up in my arms, and fell asleep for a couple hours (cats have always been attracted to me, for some reason, and it seems the more allergic I was to them, the more they wanted to rub up against me/sit on my lap/etc.), and I wasn't affected by her. She loves to travel, and loves to "investigate" every new hotel room we stay in. She doesn't like riding in towns, but loves divided highways, and interstates, where the traffic coming at us isn't in the lane right next to us, and just watches the scenery go by. She is a tortoise shell pattern with brindle coloration, and can get "tortitude", but never meows unless she wants daddy to play with her. My family and friends say it's a good thing I never had kids, especially daughters, as much as I spoil her. I found out she's worth thousands of dollars (at least in this area - that is what my pharmacist told me, as she wants to get a cat for her son, who is also allergic to them, and that is what she said it would cost for them to get one specially bred for him), as she doesn't produce hardly any of the enzyme that causes allergies in people who are re-active to it. I just have to make sure I wash my hands before I touch my eyes, after petting Cinci, or her rubbing herself on my hands. And no, I/we'd never sell her, as she's pretty much been "daddy's little girl" since the first time she crawled up in my arms, and my eyes didn't water, my sinuses didn't clog, my throat didn't get all itchy/scratchy, and I didn't started having troubles breathing/having an asthma attack.
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