Introducing Daisy "No"

This is my girl Daisy. Sadly at age 16 her kidney's are failing and she has small cell cancer. However you wouldn't know it if you didn't live with my little 6 lb spitfire of a calico. She still runs to the door most days to meet people, she's still my cling-on lap kitty and still wants to cuddle most mornings.

Over 16 years she has earned her middle name of "NO" from jumping up on top of the door jam to the top of the curtain rod. She has been known to jump on my back while dressing (ouch) to catapult her way to the top of the closet. She hates anyone touching her paws, thus she has to go to the vet to clip her claws where it takes 3 people to do this task as she hisses and claws her way out of their grasp. She has "terror" written on her chart at the veterinary. But I love her and she makes me laugh at her antics. I knew from the get go that it would be difficult when she got old....and well here we are.

There is a constant pit in my stomach because I know that our time together will not be as long as I want, some days all she wants to do is sleep and a little lethargic ...but she gets her IV fluids every other day and pills daily...which she hates and stresses her out, but she's getting use to. I have a nice long scratch on my nose because I "lost" one day while giving her the pills..Daisy 1 - Pat 0. I will do all that it takes and love on her until it's "time"'s what we do with our beloved "kids". Until then, I hope you will join with me celebrating and meeting my girl Daisy.


  • WolfganggWolfgangg Terre Haute ✭✭✭

    Hello beautiful Daisy! Dis iz Wolfgangg, n I am an angel kitty. I Iz all Grey and a long, lean an (if I do say so myself, furry handsome fellow). You sound like a wonderful kitties, and I look forward to getting to know you better.

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