B) P U R R R B)


  • purrrrrr
    Feed " ME ! "
  • HNY all
    My Pride of BratKats
    1 - Ginger 6yr. (m)
    2 - Patches " "
    3 - Panda " "
    4 - Nuni " (f)
    5Caramel4?5?6 "
    6 - Nuni Jr. 5yr "
    7 - Jet Black Jr. 5yr(m)
    8 - Panda Jr. " "
    9 - Blacky 4 1/2yr "
    10-Madam Jr.?4-5yr?(f)
    11-Caramel Jr. ?8-9m(m)
  • Sunny
    C 28.9
    R H 50%
    Pride seems2like it
    None "DEMANDING"2B fed yet
    But that shan't last long
  • My weakness =
    is Y I got 11
  • All StrayS
    is Y some age unknown
    Only guesstimates
  • any1hav advice re
    3rd eye lid
    Ginger was in a brawl
    Wound healed BUT
    showing 3rd. eyelid now
    Can't afford vet jus yet
    comments any1
  • Started with 1, Madam, when I moved here.
    She passed@13yr. 4yrs.ago
    1st. came Ginger, a neighbors@1st. They left him out@night&he was bullied by the local Tom,
    Long story short, I took him in since. 2avoid more injuries, I don't let him out, it's a tough place, 2many strays & they mate like rabbits, impossible catching them, unless U got a tranquilizer pistol, I don't.
    Nightly cat fights is Y I took them in, they'd be bullied, hiding inside the fence so I took Patches, Panda & Nuni in, then I had 5, BUT not knowing Nuni was pregnant, then there was 9, Nuni had a litter of 4, 1 f & 3 m, Nuni Jr., Panda Jr., Jet Black Jr. & Jiggie Jr. he passed from liver failure The day I returned from the vet.
    Oh, Jiggie, Nuni's brother also passed away a day after returning from a vet visit from Urinary Obstruction. Blacky I took in because they were poisoning cats, I had to trap him, after I saw his sibling, dead. Madam Jr. I was asked2take home by the chicken vender, another story there, Caramel's & Caramel Jr.'s tale's R even longer. Maybe next time, I got2get back2being a slave2the Pride
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