Cat Rescued at 8 Months Will Not Sit on Anything Soft (i.e. couch, bed, etc.)

Hi, All - I adopted a really sweet, smart, incredibly happy cat whom I love but is definitely not the snuggler I'd hoped for. She sleeps on the floor or on a scratching board, but won't stay on anything warm or soft, i.e. a couch, a bed, etc. She's a street cat from North Carolina living in New England and it breaks my heart that she doesn't want to be someplace soft and warm (it doesn't even have to be near me). Is there anything at all I can do to encourage her to get more comfortable, other than give her time? I've tried giving her treats on those surfaces, and she'll eat them and then leave. Thank you for any suggestions!


  • ÆthelingÆtheling ✭✭✭

    Hello, Mara! Welcome to Catster!
    How long has she been with you? It may just take her time to get used to it. Keep leaving treats and toys in those places, so she keeps associating those places with something good. Since she isn't used to those surfaces, you may just need, like you said, to give her time. She is comfortable where she is lying now, and eventually she will figure out that softer places can be even more comfortable.
    :) What is her name?

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