Hi I'm Jinxy Bean!

JinxyBeanJinxyBean Allen ✭✭
Jinxy Bean is the name of my 10 year old calico sweetie. I often call her Doompers because she so small and compact (butterball) with the fullest cheek-fur. My Jinxy Bean introduced herself in October of 2013 when I visited a local cat shelter. Just a small little bundle of fur, Jinxy Bean weighed in at 5.5 lbs despite being a 6-year old cat, and I felt some mats in her coat. She's blind in one eye due to scarring, probably from an infection during kitten-hood. Her adoption papers showed a history of adoptions and returns because of food intolerances but I think she sensed that I was a person who could sort that all out, and made it her mission in life to get my attention at the shelter. From the moment she pounced on my lap, she greeted me with the loudest purrs and head-butts, then curled into a tight ball, closed her eyes and gave a big cat grin!

I was smitten!

Fast-forward 1.5 years, a 2" thick veterinarian history folder, and countless drugs and diet treatments to get her digestive system in check: In the summer of 2015 I figured out that Jinxy Bean is sensitive to fish protein, common to most cat foods in the form of fish meal. Her weight slowly came back on after sorting her diet out, and over time her litterbox issues became reasonably normal. She used to sleep near the pan for convenience, now she joins me in bed since her bowls normalized and she's no longer uncomfortable. At this writing (2018) she's a little over 10 pounds, which is "festively plump" for her small-scale stature. My husband calls her my "familiar" because she's always by my side, whether on the sofa, in the bath, or asleep in bed.
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