Who wants to talk?

edited 27 November, 2013 in Catster Crushes
This thread is mainly for talking to people. Mummies,kitties, anyone. You can talk as a human by putting the * symbol when you post as human. But if you post as kitty, then you just post normally. This is mostly for kitties, but Mummies and Daddies are aloud to. :D Hope we get some posts here!! I will start off. Do you like snuggling with your mummy or daddy?


  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount Olive ✭✭✭
    edited 4 July, 2013
    I wait until Mom lies down on the couch, then I lay on top of her. :D
  • edited 5 July, 2013
    MOL! Me too, I sometimes lay right on her head!!! :))
  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount Olive ✭✭✭
    edited 6 July, 2013
    I'm too big to lay on Mom's head! :))
  • edited 6 July, 2013
    MOL!!! I might be to big, but I do it anyways, even if she needs a butt in the face to do it MOL!!!!! :)):)):))
  • edited 17 July, 2013
    Meow meow!! Where are all da kitties at??!
  • edited 31 July, 2013
    Me.....I'm fine, all I need is my solid 6hrs of attention a day, even on days mommy has to go out and earn the cat food, and I'm feelin' GREAT :))
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz
    edited 31 July, 2013
    I am the biggest snuggler. I sleep by mom every night or if she is on the couch, I have my spot. Maizy also sleeps on mom's legs. Felix cannot really jump on the bed, but he loves to be petted. Smitty will sometimes snuggle, but he likes to talk to mom more than lay by her. :-h
  • edited 2 August, 2013
    MOL Mikko sleeps with me to, but in between my legs. :))
  • edited 29 September, 2013
    I wait until my pops about 2 sit down so I get a temporary shade from the hot burning sun, and then, pops sit on me, softly! And I get the comfort miracle of being sammiched between a soft, warm cushion and a pair of warm, sizzlin' buns. And even when it gets a little bit too stuffy in there, all I do is swim through a mountain of kittykomfort until I am in my comfort rocket, rocketting across the skiez in a nation of imagination. I love my pops! :^:
  • Deb SmithDeb Smith Rowley ✭✭
    edited 2 October, 2013
    Oh my goodness... I always like when I can sleep right by om in the night and purr and carry on until I get extra attention!!:))
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / Chicago ✭✭✭
    edited 3 October, 2013
    I like snuggling, at least until I get the snackies and start chewing on mommy's toes or knees. Then she usually kicks me out of the bed. :?
  • edited 7 October, 2013
    Oh my poor Jerry! I sometimes get pushed away too..... Sometimes I do things just to bug her, MOL! Like sometimes after she takes allergy pills, (poor mum is allergic to some animals)I lay right in front of her face. Yep, and she HATES it! Poor poor poor mum, I can be just to buggy!!!!! :))
  • Ryan HaackRyan Haack Cudahy
    edited 27 November, 2013
    when my Papa and Mama go to bed, I LOVE to curl up in between them. But I have to be touching both of them, so I will curl up against one of them, and make sure my paws are touching the other, MOL!! :^:
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