We shaved one of my cats and now his own brother is scared of him!!!!

We shaved one of my cats, Disco Stu,and now his own brother, Merle, doesn't recognize him and hisses whenever Disco comes. Merle seems to recognize Disco's face (which wasn't shaved) but when Disco turns around and Merle sees Disco's shaved parts, Merle FREAKS OUT and starts hissing and vibrating and runs away.


  • obviously, the solution is simple. SHAVE MERLE!!!!!
  • Was Disco shaved at a grooming place or a vet, or was it in your house? If it was a grooming place, they may have used a perfume or a shampoo. If a vet, they may have used something that made him smell different. Either way, he's been to a strange place with strange smells, and that makes him less recognizable to Merle. Cats use their sense of smell to recognize each other. If he was shaved at home, the problem above doesn't apply. However, in both scenarios, Disco looks different, and, therefore, less recognizable to Merle. Imagine if one of your friends dyed/cut their hair and changed their clothing style. That's what Merle thinks Disco has done. Just give Merle time, he'll get used to Disco's new look eventually. You may want to check out ASPA's "introducing your cat to a new cat" article for tips. Best wishes!
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