Can cats have insomnia?

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I have noticed that my two cats Ebony and Ivory always seem tired. They seem to play at night the majority of the time but they don't always play at night, sometimes they sleep on the couch or with me. But whenever I look at their eyes it looks like they have bags under their eyes. I have been noticing this for about a year and I'm worried about them. Can anyone give me any advice or tell me what may be wrong? Thanks.


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    If they're playing during the night, that means they will sleep during the day. If they're not playing, watching you, looking out the window, etc., there is nothing left to do but sleep. And cats do sleep alot, so I don't think you need to worry. You can mention your worries to your veterinarian during your cats' annual checkup.
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  • That is not insomania. This is called bad time scheduling and you need to make them wake up in the day if they go asleep. Read more articles about cat at
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