Should we change diet for neutered males and spayed females?

Nana ChristopoulouNana Christopoulou KALAMATAMember Posts: 190
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I didn\'t know whether I should post this thread in the health or nutrition forums . But since it is health related I decided to post it here. I was advised today to change Piko-neutered from his Eagle Pack Holistic to a veterinary prescribed diet for neutered males and feed only that. He has an excellent health and his weight is ideal for his size. Vet said to do that to keep his weight like it is now, and to avoid the occurence of diabetes.. Well, for more than 3 years that since his castration he is on Eagle dry and wet , with no such problems. Do you think I should worry for such a thing and change his food?


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    Eagle Pack is a very good food. It has high-quality protein. That\'s the important thing for a cat. I wouldn\'t switch, as long as he is doing okay on it. I don\'t know how it is where you live. In the US, vets make money by selling prescription diets. Some of us think that they try to push those diets too hard, so they can make more money.
  • Nana ChristopoulouNana Christopoulou KALAMATAMember Posts: 190
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    I took Piko to my second vet for a health check up, cause our primary vet is out of town. Selling prescription diets , give vets more money like it does in the US and this was my first thought. But I wanted to raise the point just in case there was a real argument behind it. I have chosen Eagle Pack Holistic, for its quality in the first place and the multiple protein sources in the kibble. If we lived somewhere else I would probable have more alternatives but here it is Eagle or SD or Iams ...So, I went for the best in my opionion and thank you for your answer Alex. I will have a chat with the vet , asking for arguments and pointing out mine..
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    I say do what YOU think is best! Neutered cats do not have different diet needs by default... IMO there is no reason to switch unless there is a problem. Most vets really do not know much more than the average pet owner about nutrition unless they are a trained nutritionist... They mostly know what they've seen on TV, and what the big food companies tell them! There is very little training in nutrition in vet school (mostly it is about deficiencies and diseases, not about general diet.) I personally have found very few prescription diets that are good quality, and if at all possible I would stay away from them... When my cat Sylvia had kidney disease I read up about it and about nutrition related to it and we asked the vet if we can use a good lower-protein lower phosphorus food instead of using the Science Diet stuff, and they said that would be fine. We switched to Wellness Lite and I really think this contributed to her good health and longer life--- after switching her kidney levels went down to normal or high-normal and stayed that way most of the rest of her life... Sadly we lost her to breast cancer.
  • Deb O'NeillDeb O'Neill PerkasieMember Posts: 8,659
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    (Sophie's Mom)- I am always wary when my vet tries to push a product at me. The only time I bought one of her prescription foods was for our dog Molly, who was getting close to the Rainbow Bridge at the time. She couldn't eat anything else. At the time, the food made sense.
  • Sue KaufmannSue Kaufmann CranfordMember Posts: 1,465
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    Piko, I would stay with the Eagle Pack. Alex is right - it is a very good brand and much, much better than Iams. Wellness, Innova and PetGuard are also good (PG has a high level of digestibility, too, which is very important -- I don't know about Wellness and Innova to know about their digestibility for sure, but I would be assured it is very favorable). Please also keep in mind that the large food companies spend a lot of money promoting into the vet schools, and there's not a lot of nutrition education done in those schools, so, well, you know the equation!
  • Nana ChristopoulouNana Christopoulou KALAMATAMember Posts: 190
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    We are so sorry it took us so long to visit our thread but we were away for the weekend, the entire pack plus the bird (this guy eats cream and nectar so we can't leave him behind). Thank you all so much for your replies, I will not switch my boy or Ballu to a prescribed diet. My kibble and wet food choice came after a long research, I have never though researched on vet prescribed ones that's why I asked for your advice. I have tried Innova and Wellness, on all my pets but I had to order that from abroad through a friend - and I put him in such a big trouble!!But Eagle Pack Holistic is just as good, it is sold in Greece , they love it and are thrieving on it so I had put them all on that food. Human grade ingredients, hormone and antibiotic free meats, digestebility of a high percent of protein ,less fillers, absence of by products and artificial flavorings and persentatives is my primary concern. When we feed a balanced food we result with healthier and happier kitties and doggies, and the vet actually agreed on those arguments. He couldn't deny that their food is an excellent choice. And I am so happy and relieved, I did not want him to think that I am essentric and I am sure he now knows that I want the best for my babies. The funniest episode was that he thought that I didn't agree to change the food the other day due to the Presc.Kibble's high price!!If he only knew that Eagle is much more pricy!! You guys in the States have the advantage of lower prices, we have to pay twice and sometimes three times as much for the same foods here. (Science Diet for instance costs 25 euros almost $30 for 3kgr, Eagle 30 Euros almost $37 for 3 kgr of food!!) Thank you all so much for your advice, I just had to share this with you.You have been so helpful.
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    We eat Hills Perscription Diet CD Feline from the vet because my brother had several problems with FLUTD and ended up having a major surgery because of it. We all like how it tastes and turn our noses up at anything else. Infact, we go on a hunger strike and constantly meow at our human if there is anything else in our bowl. None of us really need the CD Feline now that Murphy is guarding the tiger lillies in our humans mother\'s garden, but our human decided that since we like it so much and the rest of us have had so few health problems, she would just keep buying it. She thinks that when you do the math, because we eat less of it because it is better for us and has less fillers, the amount she spends is just about the same as other foods. The CD wet food is one of our favorite treats! I think if your cats are happy with their food, are healthy and you seem to have really researched what they\'re eating and feel they are are already getting the best food for them, you need to do what you feel is best. :)
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