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Hi this is Bagira, Macy and Ellie's mommy........ All 3 of my cats have ear mites - I don't know how they got them - They don't go outside - they haven't been around any other cats.....I just noticed them scratching their ears today -I looked inside and OMG EW! I rushed all 3 to vet - they gave me medicine "Eradimite" and a blue cleaning solution... Macy was very easy to give it to - she just purred and took it.... Now... Bagira - my big bengal who now weighs 18lbs - I'm trying to get the medicine in his ears and he is fighting tooth and nail - the previous owner declawed him in the front but he is BITING me... Any advice would be much appreciated.. Also, Ellie..... is acting very strange and is drooling since I put the medicine in her ears?? is this normal? My vet is closed so I can't call him...


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    as an aside note... I don't know a lot of about ear mites and how they live and stuff - but my neighbor's pets were confiscated today by the SPCA due to poor living conditions.. so perhaps the mites came from the apartment next door?? is that possible?? I'm so freaked out, i feel sooo bad for my babies...... = (
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    My mom is a vet. She has not heard of "eradamite" so she does not know what it may be, but if it is ivermectin based, some animals are sensitive to it. Typically, the doses used to treat earmites are not enough to harm even a senstive animal. It would be smart if you are worried to have your mom take your sister to an emergency vet to make sure everything is OK. Bring any cleaners and medications with you. Ear mites are typically contaigious, so it is possible they came from next door, but really there has to be cat to cat contact.
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    Eradimite - Active ingredients are Pyrethrins, and Piperonyl Butoxide. It also mentions Butylcarbityl.... Ellie seems to be okay now - I called the ER animal clinic and they said it sounds like she is just upset.. she's been laying on my lap for about 3 hours now sleeping and purring.. She was also playing with Bagira earlier. Thanks for your help. Any tricks to getting Bagira to calm down while we put drops in his ears? lol
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