\"Mailing\" a cat?

Dana DunnDana Dunn Member Posts: 2,587
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I was wondering if anyone might know how to go about sending someone a cat, who lives too far away to drive? I live in Kansas, and the person interested is a friend but she lives in Virginia. I\'ve never had this come up before, but does any one know what methods there are to send animals? I don\'t think the post office does this, and I want to make sure the kitty is well cared for on the trip. But I also cannot buy a plane ticket for kitty. Didn\'t know if this was feasible or not. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Veronica MorrisVeronica Morris El Cerrito/SF Bay areaMember Posts: 14,677
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    Why can't you buy a plane ticket for kitty? As far as I know the best way to do that sort of long distance transfer if you can't drive it is to send the cat as cargo on an airplane. I did some research about this a little over a year ago when moving from NC to CA but ended up driving all 7 animals anyway. From what I remember you can fly your cat as cargo. You drop them off at the airport in their properly prepared crate (extra food taped to the top, water bowl, live animal sticker, address tags for where the kitty is going etc). It costs like $75 or $100 or something similar. The best thing is to get the kitty on a direct flight. Then the person you are sending the cat to will pick kitty up at their airport. If you do this route, there are some airlines that are bettter than others. Basically, things to look for are a pressurized and temperature controlled cargo area. You also want to have flights that are at night time in the summer (so it's not too hot while the plane is sitting on the tarmac) or during the day in winter (so it's not too cold). Many airlines will have rules about this, so check them out before buying the ticket. Oh, and it's not like people plane fares where waiting until close to the the time makes it more expensive so you don't have to worry about buying a ticket far in advance. If the cat is a rescue going to a new home, you also could try organizing a caravan through various rescue orginizations (eg each person drives the cat about 60 miles and then passes them off). If the kitty is scared in a crate, though, it might just be nicer to get it all over with in one or two hours than have a longer roadtrip. Lots of breeders send animals using the plane cargo method for dogs, cats and reptiles. I don't know for sure how safe it is, but if there's no other option than it seems like it might be the best way to go.
  • Dana DunnDana Dunn Member Posts: 2,587
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    Thanks! I just wasn't sure about the airplane, but will check into it.
  • Regine MelinRegine Melin BrooklynMember Posts: 281
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    Saleen, I was just going to suggest contacting a breeder and find out how they do this since they do it all the time.
  • Sue KaufmannSue Kaufmann CranfordMember Posts: 1,465
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    Peggy, that\'s a really good idea! Mercy, on the airplane option, I heard that Continental is very good about transporting animals. A cat who posted on another travel thread a few months ago mentioned that. that airline was also involved with the ASPCA transport of Katrina animals to the Bay Area, so it might be worth checking that option. I don\'t know about cost.
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    My mom had a friend who volunteer with an organization and they transported animals all over for animal rescue. He basically was assigned to NY/NJ route and would transport the pet to the next leg of travel, unless the animal's destination was NY/NJ and then he would drop the pet off at the house. Not sure what the org was called but maybe you can do a search for something like this and see if you can make some kind of arrangement? Sorry if this isn't much help
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    The air cargo method is how I received my cat, all you have to do is go to the baggage claim area, not the carosel but the claim desk, and tell them you are picking up an animal. Then you sign a form and the cat is yours! It seems to work out for the good.
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