I'm worried about my baby!

Jen MangumJen Mangum HamptonMember Posts: 45
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Hi. I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself before I go into the problem. I'm Jen, Belle's mommy, and also mommy to Tigger, Tiger, and Emma (on Dogster). I lost my daughter to leukemia last year, and these are all I have besides my boys, Sam and Bryan. My girl animals are my "daughters". I can't have anymore children, so this is the next best thing. I guess, maybe I'm collecting, though I'm not trying to. I just love them, and it kind of helps me to love on them. Anyway, I need to get her to the vet, and now she's hiding from me. Figures, she was out all morning, and just as I get ready to leave, she's nowhere to be found! Anyway, since I can't find her, she can't go. What is a good at home treatment until I can get her in tomorrow or Monday? I'm not sure this vet is open on Saturdays, as it's not my reg vet, but much cheaper than mine! Any help is appreciated! :)


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    Hi Belle, you ARE beautiful!! So nice to meet you! I\'m so sorry about your human daughter, that\'s really sad. hhhmmm, I think I missed something? What are you looking to remedy? Love, Saffron
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    OOPS! I wrote it and then I edited the post! LOL! Conjunctivitis.
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    Aragorn\'s Mom here. This is what my Cat Owner\'s Home Veterinary Handbook says: \"Mild irritative forms of conjunctivitis can be treated at home. The eye should be cleansed with a dilute solution of boric acid for opthalmic use or a sterile opthalmic irrigating solution that can be purchased over the counter and used as directed for people. You should expect definite improvement with 24 hours. If not, have your cat examined by a veterinarian.\" Also, if Belle\'s eyes are crusted closed, Q-Tips and warm water work wonders. Hope this helps.
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    Hi Jen and Belle!! Mommy and I are sad about your daughter, we're very sorry. I think Aragorn's mommy had some good advice. Belle, you're a very beautiful girl and your mom just wants what's best for you. We hope you feel better soon!
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    Please be VERY careful about treating eye problems at home--there are MANY things that can resemble conjunctivitis superficially and be nothing of the sort! Eye problems are nearly impossible to figure out without having someone knowledgable actually see it. Corneal wounds and diseases such as glaucoma can also make the eyes red and sore. Treatments that are great for conjunctivitis can make other conditions worse. Try this trick next time you need to catch your kitty for a vet appointment--when she comes out in the morning to eat (it helps if you take her food up the night before too, so she is hungry in the morning!) herd her in the bathroom and feed her there with the door closed. There is nearly no place to hide in there, and you can bring her carrier in and catch her (you can also hide her carrier in the bathtub/shower with the curtain closed too, to decrease the chance she'll escape when you go to get her. Hide the carrier in there the night before, obviously!) Good luck
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