Pet insurance?

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My brother Bandit is in the hospital and our mom is wondering about pet insurance now. She'll pay anything for us but it would help t have coverage. Does anyone have any thoughts about which is a good one? There are 3 of us here and so we'll all need to be covered. Does anyone have any bad experiences with pet insurance?


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    My mommy just had a discussion about this the other day. Pet insurance is most helpful when first getting your pet. From what I understand pets that are already sick and under a doctor\'s care are not covered. We\'ve heard a lot of good things about PetSmart\'s coverage. As you may know, PetSmart has their own hospital (Barnard I think). They offer low cost insurance. Might be worth it to check it out. We hope Bandit is feeling better real soon!
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    Bandit's problem will be considered a pre existing condition, so he would not be covered if you got insurance now. There is a program called Care Credit that is a credit card that many vet hospitals (especially emergency clincs) offer--it allows you to pay off the balance over time without accruing interest. Have your mom ask the hospital where Bandit is to see if they offer it--it will give your mom more time to spread the bill out!
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    I\'ve heard some not-so-good things about pet insurance. I don\'t want to go into it in the forums, but I will if you meow me privately. Anyway, you could ask your mom to put some money in a special emergency account for you. If she put away a few dollars every week, that would grow over the years and, when you get older, there would be enough to cover the kinds of expensive problems that old kitties are prone to.
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    We've had an excellent experience with pet insurance. My Mum;s company actually gets it really cheap for their staff! We got it when we adopted Hayley, our dog with a leg problem, and it paid for itself but it started getting expensive with all our animals. Out vet now offers his own private insurance where we pay a yearly fee to cover everyone and get discounts off everything. I was not impressed with Banfield's (PetsMart) insurance. It was very expensive and didn't cover electives! When Maggie (our other dog) was under it with her previous owner medications were not covered. Plus, I've had a few bad experiences with Banfields. Good luck in whatever decision you make with it.
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