Help for spondylosis

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I went to the vet yesterday and found out I have bad spondylosis in my spine and it's pinching the nerves in my back. My mom says this is why I have a hard time jumping and walking up and down stairs. I take one capsule of Cosequin for cats a day, which comes in yummy tuna flavor, but I need something more. My mom is doing the best she can to find something to help me feel more comfortable but I thought I'd check and see if any kitties around here knew of something that might help me.


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    Have your mom call your vet and pose this question to him! Spondylosis can be painful, and there are ways of dealing with pain, but only your vet knows for certain if a steroid or a non-steroidal drug is appropriate, and can be saefy given with Cosequin. This is not a good thing to take the advice of well meaning people--you need your professional's advice here! DO NOT under ANY circumstances give ANYTHING without speaking to your vet. Many times, well meaning owners are tempted to give their kitties pain relievers. One of the things that makes us cats unique is that our livers happen to handle non steroidal anti-inflammatories (drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen) differently than humans or even dogs! So some drugs are ok for us, but the dose and the dosing intervals are very different than what your mom is used too. NEVER EVER GIVE TYLENOL. It kills cats. Call your vet. Part of his/her job is to answer questions just like this.
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    She has already asked and he said that the Cosequin was it(aside from steroids). Since it doesn\'t seem to help me, she was hoping there was something else(maybe acupuncture, herbals ect.) that someone else has had success with. Don\'t you worry, my mom would never do anything to hurt me... Like give tylenol.
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    Tell your mom to ask about Meloxicam....and I know a few animals that have arthritic conditions that have been helped with acupuncture. There are Alternative Medicine vets--you may want to find one of those before trying herbal remedies, as those carry the same caveat as "regular" medicines.
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