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Aragorn\'s mom here. The past few months, Aragorn has been gnawing on our hands and wrists. Not biting, gnawing, like a dog does with a bone. We tried discouraging this with NO! and squirt bottles, which works fine with just quick little nips, but when he starts gnawing, we actually have to pry his mouth off. He is 6 months old, so I had no idea if he could possibly be teething or something? He gets both wet and dry food and doesn\'t seem to have any problems eating, nor has he been crying like he hurts. Any ideas?


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    He could be teething or it could just be a habit. Why not just take a look in his mouth and see what\'s going on in there? I saw these cat chews in Petco the other day. They look like a smaller version of the chew sticks that you can get for dogs. You could get something like that and, every time he tries to chew on you, stick one of those in his mouth. I wouldn\'t squirt a cat that I was holding because that gives the cat the message that hanging out with humans makes you wet. Alex was mega-teether. He even had to have some baby teeth removed by the vet. When he would start gnawing on me, I made this loud, whiny \"ow\" sound. That gave him the message that he was hurting me and he needed to stop. Also, never let him play with your hands because he will see human hands as toys. A lot of people think it\'s cute to let little kittens \"wrestle\" with their hands. The problem is that it teaches the cat that it\'s okay to play that way, when it really isn\'t once the cat reaches a certain size.
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    Thanks for the advice. Aragorn learned quickly that my hand was NOT a toy, although he still thinks my feet are.
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