Coughing and a jaw thing

Rebekka BrosemerRebekka Brosemer EmporiaMember Posts: 45
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I've been coughing. It's not a regular thing but I know it worries my mommy. I also have this jaw thing that worries her. What happens is that my lower jaw almost sticks. It's like a popping or something. I know I don't have hairballs because we get medicine for hairballs a few times a week. Mom is worried and said something about the vet. What does everyone else think?


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    Your mommy's right, you should probably see the vet. Last week, I was coughing and gagging like I had a hairball that wouldn't go away, and when my mommy took me to the vet they found out I had a kidney infection. So, you really never know until you have it checked out. I hope you feel better soon!
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    Now mommy is going to be worried. Sometimes I will cough but as soon as she starts loving me and paying attention to me, I will stop coughing and start purring. She thought I was doing it for attention. I hope she doesn't read these posts, she will probably take me to the vet! Hope you feel better soon.
  • Rebekka BrosemerRebekka Brosemer EmporiaMember Posts: 45
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    I know I do it often when mommy is laying in bed. Mommy did talk with the vet and they told her to make an appointment. YIKES!!! Help me!!!! I hate that nasty carrier thing that she stuffs me in. Oh well, I'll just pee on her bed OR tear up the magazine she was reading.
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    Oh Emily, don't pee on the bed! Wait until you get back from the vet, and then poop on the floor. That's what I did once. I think that got my point across! I hate that stupid carrier too and if I even see it, I will run under the bed and not budge. I sure hope you're feeling better soon. Unfortunately mom did read these posts and she said she would have to call the vet today and see what they say. Keep us posted!
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    There are lots of reasons felines can sometimes cough, most commonly it's a hairball. If that's not it, it's usually something simple like an allergies or a little brochitis. Nonetheless, it warrants a visit to the vet to get checked out. The vet will also examine your jaw. I didn't pay attention to your profile before I posted, which I should have so I could have looked at your age. My human pet had another cat a long time ago that had osteoporosis in her jaw that caused some stiffness and funny looks once in a while, alone with some trouble eating down the road. Could you have just maybe bumped your mouth playing or got your head stuck somewhere when you were trying to find a good place to nap and it's just a little sore right now? Good luck with the vet! Please do keep us informed on what they say. Purrs, Bandit
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