scabby chin - normal or nasty?

Jane O'BrienJane O'Brien east villageMember Posts: 6
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So I\'m not sure whether to be worried or not... Choco has had little scabs on her chin (mostly - also a little on her cheeks from time to time). She and Lola play pretty rough so I have always just assumed that Lola was biting her and she was getting little scabs from that - but Lola NEVER has them and somehow it seems like there are more lately. They are very small - you can barely see them from looking but if you feel them they are little bumps that sometimes come off with a little bit of fur (gross I know!). She never scratches them and they do not appear to cause her any pain. Does anyone know of some type of chronic problem that manifests itself this way? Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • sarah schupfersarah schupfer brooklynMember Posts: 1,217
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    i had something like that. my chin had black stuff in it. the vet said it was kitty acne. try using ceramic bowls for food and water, and make sure that they are cleaned everyday. it worked for me!
  • Jane O'BrienJane O'Brien east villageMember Posts: 6
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    Thanks! My mom looked it up and it appears to be kitty acne! Thanks for helping her make a diagnosis - she already cleaned my chin with a warm compress and is going to give me some vitamins and keep me nice and brushed during shedding season.
  • MARY HEFFERNANMARY HEFFERNAN Valley of The MoonMember Posts: 13,688
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    Good start. The ceramic bowls made for cats are usually the recommended "food server." If anything unusual at all persists with any cat, we feel a vet appointment is in order. Small differences in behavior, skin, or eating, pooping can be signs of who-knows-what. Cats have more viruses and afflictions than are even recognized, so our philosophy is better to know than sit and worry lest the little "strangeness" be a signal that a larger "known" problem exists. We usually keep paws off and mouths shut but on health matters, we believe friendly advice is no advice at all unless it comes from a professional. --the fiends
  • Sue EnglandSue England Mount Druitt, SydneyMember Posts: 385
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Hi there, Sorry to say it but you got kitty zits. Mum says that she sees lots of kittys with this problem in the shelter that she helps with. Yes Ceramic or metal bowels are the best and if the problem doesnt go you can be treated with Antibiotics but best to use them as a last resort. Not sure what antibiotics you have but we use one called Vibavet. Hope this helps and your zitty problem soon clears up. Love Jordan
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