Never ending bladder problems

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Atticus has had bladder troubles for about two weeks now. He started using pillows instead of the litterbox, so we got him into the vet and found he definitely had some infection/inflammation going on there. The vet couldn't get a sample because Atticus had a tiny bladder from the infection (and from having used the pillows not too long before). So he got some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory shots plus some antibiotics for us to give daily. Things seemed to get better. Then a week later, same problems again but now he has blood in his urine. Off to the vet, more shots, different antibiotics, still couldn't get a sample. Much improvement until today, when suddenly there is blood in the urine AGAIN. My questions: From what I can gather, if he gets the sample and sees there are crystals, the treatment will be pretty much the same as what we've been doing. So is this never going to get better? Second, we're supposed to keep Atticus from using the litter box for about 4 hours before we see the vet tomorrow. How do we do that when he's not using the box? Thanks for any help -- I'm so frustrated, and I want my poor kitty to be better!


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    I know you didn\'t ask this, but here are a couple of ideas for getting a urine specimen, because I don\'t picture this four-hour thing working at all. I realise that ideally they would like to express a fresh specimen in the vet\'s office, but we don\'t live in an ideal world and this has been going on far too long to be picky. When Alex had a bladder infection, they kept him at the vet clinic until he produced a specimen for them. It didn\'t take long. As you know, a cat with bladder troubles doesn\'t have much capacity. If they aren\'t willing to do that, there is a type of nonabsorbant litter, which you should be able to get from the vet. A few hours before you go to the vet, shut Atticus in the bathroom with a small litterbox with that and put a little water in the sink and tub. The litter doesn\'t soak up the urine, so it just puddles up in the bottom of the pan and can easily be transferred to a small jar. My understanding is that if they see crystals, the problem can be handled through a (permanent) change in diet, but he will need antibiotics in the short term. (You don\'t mention this, but has Atticus been put on a special diet, such as Hill\'s C/D?) If they see bacteria, he needs antibiotics to clear up the infection. I know how frustrating this is, for you and for the kitty. If there\'s anything I can do to help, even if it\'s just someone to vent at, feel free to meow me privately.
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    Thanks so much for the ideas, Alex. (And lots of thank yous for the Rosette! We feel very special!) We're calling the vet again to see if he has better ideas of how we can get a good sample -- we'll ask about that litter. Right now, when he does go, it's just tiny little bloody spots, which is the same thing it was the last time we saw the vet (but he didn't have a full bladder then, so he's not blocked), so I'm wondering how we'll ever get a sample from that. Anyway, thanks for the help -- it's much appreciated!
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    It might be smart to ask your vet to hang onto you so they can get a sample (as Alex suggested) Seeing crystals doesn't necessarily imply what the problem is (vets used to think that, but crystals can sometimes come out in urine after its been voided, and aren't present in the bladder) If your vet thinks its an infection, it might be smart to ask them to culture the urine (you have to be off antibiotics for at least 10 days before the culture) so you can tell exactly what bacteria you are cooking in there and what antibiotcs will fight it most effectively. Sometimes you can get pretty evil bacteria that are not senstive to the more common antibiotics used for infections! It might simply be that you were not on a long enough course of antibiotcs, or on the wrong one, and did not completely eradicate the infection. If you get repeated infections, then usually there is Something Else going on. That might be stones, of a chronically inflammed and thickened bladder, or sometimes (rarely) a tumor. Vets need to do more tests (special x rays called contrast studies, or an ultrasound) to look for bladder stones or things like that, so if you get repeated infections, you need to be aware that this is the next step. Bladder problems kinda bite, but most of them can be resovled fairly straightforwardly....god luck, and I hope you feel better soon soon soon!
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    He's actually still on antiobiotics now -- Baytril and an oral form of penicillin (I can't recall the name of that one). We haven't tried special diets yet, aside from increasing wet food for him. Again, thanks for any input!
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