Regine MelinRegine Melin BrooklynMember Posts: 281
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Has anyone ever had a cat that had ringworm? I just found out that after I adopted Spike, Peggy contracted ringwork right above her eye. Now they both have to be put on medication and the vet says it's no big deal but I'm scared. The thought of by me adopting Spike (not that I don't love him), I jeapordized Peggy's health. Any ideas???


  • Nana ChristopoulouNana Christopoulou KALAMATAMember Posts: 190
    edited 27 February, 2006
    You don't have to worry. I had a ringworm infection two years ago. Of course all of us were treated with antibiotics. Mommy had to put an ointment on the infected area, which was for me above the eye as well. I hated that, but I was back healthy a couple of weeks later. Mommy was very scared, but the rest of my kitty brothers and doggy sisters never got infected. So, tell your mom not to worry. It will soon be gone.
  • Regine MelinRegine Melin BrooklynMember Posts: 281
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Thank you! Unfortunately I won\'t let my mommy put the cream on me. I did the first two times and fought her to the end (and boy am I strong! It takes mommy and her aunt just to put me in a carrier) but now when I see her coming, I run and hide and won\'t come out until after she\'s asleep! Mommy is still going to see what other tests the vet can run on Spike just to be on the safe side. He had another coughing fit yesterday and mommy noticed that he smacks his lips a lot!
  • Jan CrockerJan Crocker PlacentiaMember Posts: 241
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    When I was on death row in the L.A. County Shelter more than two years ago, I got very skinny with ringworm, so much so that no one wanted to adopt me. However, a nice person from a local rescue group found me just in time. She overlooked my ringworm, and started treating it immediately. Right after that, my second foster mommy, a wonderful lady who took me into her home for more than a year, finished taking care of it. Y'know what? She was so nice to me that I didn't mind the ointment. By now, I'm a happy, robust girl with a glossy tortoiseshell coat. If I'm not proof that a kitty can recover 100 percent from ringworm, who is? ;-)
  • Katherine GrayKatherine Gray Member Posts: 94
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    With most of us coming from shelters, and with Mom fostering litters of kittens from there, at least half of us have had ringworm at one time or another! Don't worry, you can get rid of it easily enough with a diligent human to treat you :)
  • Angela ClarkAngela Clark Fort SmithMember Posts: 15,094
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    somehow between my breeder who says she didn't have ringworm and my mommy who didn't have ringworm, I got ringworm. A couple of months later, my new sister Velvet got ringworm. It took a total of six months of diligent work to get rid of it. The vet made mommy give us twice weekly baths with a special shampoo and apply an antifungal cream daily. Plus mommy was supposed to clean and vacuum every surface and wash all bedding every day. Needless to say, with a working mom, that didn't happen. She did the shampoos and the ointment. It was difficult to get rid of but once it was gone it was gone. I'm guessing you won't tolerate the baths very well. If that is the case, your mom's best bet is to be diligent with the cream.
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