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Question about Hairball control

Mellanee SMellanee S FlintMember Posts: 388
edited 10 November, 2005 in Food & Nutrition
I was wondering if anyone could help me out here, Chip throws up hairballs and was wondering about suggestions on a good food for the control or medicine? I have used the medicine in the tube that is like a gel form. I have him on a type of hairball food now but it's not really working? Any suggestions? :)


  • edited 27 February, 2006
    I\'m not a huge fan of the hairball-control dry foods because they all seem to contain so much grain, which isn\'t really an optimum food for a carnivore. I think petromalt, or something similar, is okay, if it\'s not used too often. Does he let you brush him? That would cut down on the amount of fur that he swallows.
  • Mellanee SMellanee S FlintMember Posts: 388
    edited 27 February, 2006
    OK I will look for that stuff :) Thank You He lets me brush him here and there, usually I have to fight for him to let me brush him lol he fights me and has even hissed at me a couple times, I do it gentle, i don't take the brush and yank it through his fur lol, my other cat use to love to be brushed but not Chip. The vet told me that Chip has the devil in him lol. Ok thanks for the information, I've noticed that the food doesnt seem to be helping him, and I can't remeber what the name was.
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Oh, petromalt is just a brand name for hairball remedy in a tube. If you already have something like that, I\'m sure it\'s fine. I wasn\'t recommending that particular brand. They\'re all pretty much the same. You know, Alex hated being groomed when he was younger. Then, one summer, he ended up with all these mats in his fur and I guess he decided that being groomed is okay. Now he absolutely adores it. His favorite brush is a \"shampoo\'er\" that I bought at Walgreen\'s. It\'s oval shaped, a little smaller than the palm of your hand (not including the fingers), with lots of pointy teeth. It\'s like a smaller, stiffer Zoom Groom, if you know what that is. It\'s for scrubbing your head when you wash your hair. Alex loves that thing and it does a great job of pulling fur off him. Anyway, I\'d keep trying to brush Chip with different things and maybe you\'ll bump into a brush that he likes.
  • KittymomKittymom MiltonMember Posts: 266 ✭✭
    edited 27 February, 2006
    My Mom combs me everynight and I just love it. She uses a metal comb for cats and when she combs me she uses short strokes. She saw somewhere that short strokes imitate when we groom ourselves. I have only had 4 episodes of hair balls since I came here January 2005, and I think that's because of the combings. Mom has a brush as well and she used to do me on the living room floor. I just wanted to play then so the brushings did not last long. Now as soon as I hear Mom tap the comb I jump up on the counter in the kitchen and go right to Mom. It's the counter between the kitchen and living room, so Mom can watch tv while she is combing me - like I ever give her the opportunity to take her attention off me. LOL Maybe if your Mom is able to find a comb or brush that you like, you will be happier with her grooming you. Sometimes having a toy to chew on at the same time helps.
  • Tammy SchreinerTammy Schreiner FresnoMember Posts: 322
    edited 27 February, 2006
    What type of Dry food with Hairball Control are you eating? I eat Science Diet Hairball control food, and it works great for me!
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    I tried Meow Mix hairball control formula and it made me vomit too much. Mom took me off of it and then I was fine. I think I was allergic to something in it, or something. PS: As far as grooming is concerned, I LOVE IT. Mom uses a metal brush and it makes me feel like I died and went to heaven!
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Midnight Helen, Meow Mix has food dyes in it. A lot of kitties have sensitivities to that and it may be what made you barf. Even if it wasn\'t, you don\'t care what color your food is, so you may want to avoid dyes in the future.
  • Mellanee SMellanee S FlintMember Posts: 388
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Thanks everyone for help on those pesky hairballs. Chip was a good boy and let me comb him for a few last night, i did small strokes and he just stayed on the floor by me. I can't remember what kind of food I have him on for the hairball control, it wasn't Meow Mix or any of the others. Wish I would of saved the bag, I empty the bags of food into a storage container. I'll have to go back to where I got it from and check out the name. So far he hasn't left me any prizes. His normal food before I tried this hairball control food was the newest Whiska's. When we first got him we had him on Meow Mix and right after he ate, he would throw it up so I took him off of that and switched him. Now I see why he was throwing it up if it has the dyes in it. Thanks for all your good advice :) I have been giving him the medicine the last couple days and have not seen any, so i'll wait to for a few days and then just go as how the directions say too. Thanks Again :)
  • mailani hornmailani horn san pedroMember Posts: 173
    edited 27 February, 2006
    i use natural balance wet food hairball remedy and some petrolmalt every so often. i only had a hairball once. i would stay away from dry food all together since us cats get most of our hydration from the food that we eat. cats that eat wet food are less prone to kidney failure and bladder problems. also, make sure that real meat, not by-products or grains are the first ingredients in the food.
  • Mellanee SMellanee S FlintMember Posts: 388
    edited 27 February, 2006
    As far as the wet food, Chip here would rather eat his dry food over the wet food. I have tried just about the different kinds of wet food there is here and he doesn't care for it. I have even tried mixing the wet food with his dry and he refuses it. I have actually found a brush that he likes now, it was so amzing how this brush changed him. He went from not wanting to be combed to all of a sudden being combed. Even when I was brushing our german shepherd he came over and laid beside me and was pawing at my hand, then i brushed him and he rolled over and let me brush his tummy, that only was a chore to do before because he didn't like me to brush it before but last night he was really enjoying it. So thank you for the advice on finding differnt brushes. I had a brush picked out that was $4.00 and my b/f picked one up and thought it was so cool, cuz they had a knob that u twist and it would close and it was an easier way to pick the hair out. He said try this one and I said I'm not tryin that cheap thing, that probably wouldn't work, so he said OK i'll try it LOL, so finally after we were jawing back and forth ( jokingly) i gave into him and bought it. Well needless to say he was RIGHT once again ( men, I tell ya LOL!) and Chip seemed to really like it. It has been 2 days now and no hairballs, which is great causse normally by now he would have left one for me. I ended up buying The Indoor formula Cat chow food last night. I have seen a few ppl on here that feed their cats that and thought I would give it a swing. OK just thought I would post back about the wet food and how he is doing. Thanks Again! Have a Nice day!
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