Scruffing--To Do or Not to Do?

Robert BerensRobert Berens West HollywoodMember Posts: 1
edited 11 June, 2005 in Behavior & Training
I'm Nomi's human owner. (Sorry, can't talk in Catster-ese yet). She's a real sweetie, but when I have to give her her medicine or groom her, she gets really restless and upset. The only solution I've discovered is to "scruff" her...she goes tonic and I get a minute or two to comb her, give her a pill, wipe her down with Allerpet, etc. Now, she doesn't seem to mind at the time of the scruffing...her reaction, of course, is utter passivity. But I was wondering how various cat-lovers feel about the it perceived as a violation of the cat's will? Do you think my cat may resent me for doing it? I'm sort of divided on the's the only way I know how to give her her medicine and groom her--without getting scratched like crazy--but I do very subtly sense that she may resent the violation even more than the pill and the grooming. Thoughts, comments, suggestions?


  • Angela Drummond-MathewsAngela Drummond-Mathews DallasMember Posts: 11
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I get scruffed all the time. Mom says it is a natural action that a mama cat does to her young. (I do seem to remember this.) It releases a calming hormone that keeps kittens, and some older cats, from being agitated. This is especially important in the wild, to keep kittens from crying out and attracting predators while mama cat is moving them. I don't know what a "predator" is. Mom says they live outside. That's why I always stay inside ! Yep, I do...unless she's not looking.....
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