Any kitties get Cysts on their skin?

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I am 9 years old and have a cyst on my sholder. I am very skittish and rarely let mom pet or hold me but she noticed a pea sized bump a while ago. A bit of time goes by and now its more like the size of a chick pea. I am at the vet\'s today having my teeth cleaned so mom asked the vet to look at it. She said it is just a benign cyst and nothing to worry about. She said they would remove it but there would be some surgery costs about $80. Mom has elected to wait a bit since she is spending a ton today for teeth cleaning and annual shots. The vet said it would not cause me any pain for discomfort if we waited. I was just wondering if any other kitties had experiences with this. Do they come back once removed? Will I get more of them? Thanks for your input. - LuLu


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    I have a sebaceous cyst on my head, right behind my right ear. My mom has shown it to two different vets and they both said that it isn\'t worth bothering with. The most recent one said that it would probably come back if they removed it.
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    From Monk's mommy: Monk had three growths that started when he was about 10 years old. Two of the growths were very slow growing and fleshy and one grew much faster and was a fluid filled cyst. All of them were benign, and we chose to not to do anything about them. He had other health problems and we didn't feel like surgical intervention for cysts would be in his best interest, in fact we felt that a post surgical infection was a much greater risk than the cysts themselves. Our vets agreed. He never had any health problems from the cysts and they didn't cause any discomfort. When he was about 15 the fluid filled cyst drained a bit on it's own and shrunk considerably, as a precaution, topical antibiotics were used. I believe cysts are fairly common as kitties approach their senior years.
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    I've never had one, but my doggie sister had several. They were nothing serious, but the vet wanted to be kept informed when a new one showed up. The last one turned out not to be a cyst (although it looked and felt just like one) but a sign of a massive infection due to an injury. Just make sure your vet sees them when you go in. Since Mom's medical problems, she wasn't able to bathe Molly anymore, so Molly would go to the vet's once a month for her "day at the spa"! In other words, the staff at the vet's saw her often enough to help keep an eye on things.
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    Thank you everykitty for yor comments. Mom is much less worried now. Puuuuurrrrrrs. - Lulu
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