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meows! my mommie is planning on moving from florida all the way to tenn! by car!....shes really worried though how me and my sister cats will do....we've never really been in a car too much other than to go to the vet....shes planning on driving straight through so it will probably be about 12 hours?...but just incase what are some animal friendly hotels along that way? or where can she find some? and what about food,water, and litter box? we will be traveling in our carriers. thanksalot you all !


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    Hi! Right above your post is a link for pet friendly travel, including hotels!
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    Destiny, in the Dark Ages, the cat mother went from Georgia to California in a 3-day car trip with 2 cats. We have also made some shorter trips. Litter: we found some "disposable" litter boxes that fit on the floor in the back seat and had a few exra for motels. Bring green garbage bags, and a roll of paper towels for waste and spills. Small pooper-scooper and extra baggies. Food: We eat dry food, so a baggy or tight container of food and a dish were in the car. You will find many other tips in this Topic, but the disposable litter boxes were a great deal. Also, since your trip is not that long, it pays to take just the food and meds you need in a separate tote bag with tightly closed containers so everything will be compact and readily available. Water: Thermos or bottled water; small bowl. Rest stops: We use leash & harness, but in any case, rest stops so you can be more at ease to eat, drink, etc. if you don't do it in the car. Be really really careful when stopping that you don't get out -- but of course your family knows this! Might be good idea to make a reservation at a pet-friendly motel/hotel just in case. Can always be cancelled. Good luck! You will probably sleep most of the time once you get used to the motion of the car. We hope!
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    benjamin- i didnt even notice that link! thank you so much! Selket- thank you so much for the tips!
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    I know it's not fancy, but Motel 6 allows an animal free of charge. Alot of other hotels will allow animals for an extra fee, depending on how long you'll be there (up to 3 days, or more than 3 days) - Extended Stay, Holiday Inn, Super 8, and I'm sure there are many others. Alot of them will tell you one pet only, but they're usually lenient with it, and if the door to the room is an outside access, you can "sneak" the extras in without any hassle. I usually ask for a 2nd floor room if it's an outside access, just in case a kitty gets out - it has to find the stairs before it can get away too far! We travel quite a bit and Kenya does very well. I let her out of the carrier after the first 30 minutes or so and she goes to sleep behind the passenger seat. I keep her regular litter box in the car and she uses it as needed, and I offer her food and water at all of my stops. My last trip also included Simone and her brother and there were no problems (relatively speaking, lol). I wouldn't let a cat out of the carrier though, unless I was familiar with their habits in the car... with Simone, it'll be interesting as it'll only be her 2nd trip and the first one was when she was still pretty timid and scared from being a wild cat. Even if your cat isn't harness trained, I'd keep a harness on them while they're out of the carrier, until you know how they'll react... it gives you something extra to grab if you need to. My cats always, ALWAYS keep their collars on when we're travelling, and by spring they'll both be microchipped as well. Honestly, 12 hours isn't very long... we've done 2 days and even 3 days once. Just be attentive to your cats and also to your own needs... if the cats tell you that they need a break, give it to them. Also, don't push yourself too much for driving because if you're too tired and have an accident, it's not just you that ends up hurt. You may want to split it into 2 days anyway. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. I'm pretty experienced with all of this! lol ~Kenya and Simone's mom
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