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Mommy said that my great-grandparents are allowing me to come to florida to visit this summer!! they live all the way down in florida and she said it takes just about 2 days to travel from NJ to FL by car. Mommy was reading the other posts about traveling long distance in the car and she said it was very helpful. The only problem is we will be traveling in a family sized segan and there is no room for a litter box in the back seat cause my aunt is come for the trip too!. Im very good in the car and have never had an accident in the house. Has anyone else traveled a long time in the car w/ no litterbox? Will i have a hard time going to the better if my mommy puts some litter in a box everytime we stop at a rest stop??


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    Your mom should start paying attention to your litterbox habits now, so that she knows when you like to go. We usually leave right after I've gone potty in the morning and I don't usually have to go again until later in the evening. When I first started travelling, I held it for as long as I possibly could but now I'm comfortable enough to just get up and go to the box when I need to. Since it's a 2 day drive, I think that you'll be fine if they get a hotel and put the litterbox in the bathroom for you. You probably won't go right away, but you'll go sometime that night. Chances are that you won't eat or drink alot while you're in the car, so you won't have to go much anyway. If you're driving when it's hot, make sure to have some ice packs available so that you don't get too hot. Just having the windows open isn't enough when it's really warm out. Air conditioning works pretty well too though. hehe
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    We rode in the car from Kentucky to Oregon. That took four days. When Mom was driving, we mostly hung out in our kennels on the back seat. Our car is a tiny 2-door, so I think it may have been smaller than yours? We didn\'t have a litterbox in the car but it really wasn\'t an issue. We only ate, drank, and pottied in the hotel rooms. (I\'d travelled a lot before and Mom knew this was what I would do.) Mom was concerned that we might have an accident in the car. (We didn\'t, so she should have trusted us.) Mom bought puppy pads, which are like big sheets of diaper, so they are super absorbant. She taped those to the seat under our kennels and on the floor behind the front seats. Double-sided tape (available at most large pet shops) is great for sticking the pads in place. They definitely need to run the AC, but they will anyway. It\'s important for you never to be left in the car in the heat of the day. The car can heat up to dangerous levels in just a few minutes. Draping a towel over your kennel is a good way to keep the sun out and help you feel safe. What else? If you aren\'t used to travelling, you may decide to go on a hunger strike. It\'s bad for kitties to go that long without food, so tell your mom to bring cans of something smelly and irresistable. (We had Fancy Feast, which was a huge treat for us.) Riding in the car is very dehydrating. Your mom should bring along a few bottles of water from home, since you might refuse to drink strange water or it might upset your tummy. That\'s all I can think of off the top of my head. I hope it doesn\'t sound confusing. Mom says that travelling with cats is like travelling with kids. Once you get used to it, it\'s not such a big deal.
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    I drive from MA to MD, or the other way around, every so often. With stops, it usually takes 7-8 hours when Mom is driving (6-7 hours when Dad is driving!). On the first trip, we brought a litter box, but I did not like using it along the way AT ALL. Now, I just stay in my crate for the ride, where I have room to move around and look out the windows, too.
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