My kitten food... portion size

Missie MousieMissie Mousie GoldendaleMember Posts: 149
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I'm Lil Crumb and I'm just 8 weeks old. Yesterday after I got to my new home with my new Mama, she filled my bowl with kitten food (Purina Kitten...well, it's a yellow bag). But today, I looked into my food bowl and there was only a little bit of food. Then I saw there was a measuring cup.... a 1/8th of a cup measuring cup and I think that that was all that was in there. Any idea how long it should take me to eat that much and how often I should be fed....? There are some questions about me being completely weaned because I keep sucking on my Mama's finger and Meow alot... like 20,000 times a day, well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's more like 12 times and I'm always hungry. I have a well-kitten checkup in just an hour and I'm a bit nervous. Is there any questions my Mama should ask the vet? Lil Crumb


  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
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    Have your mom write out a list of question before you go to the vet. This will help her remember everything she wants to ask. How much and how often and what type of food to feed? Going potty? All the meowing? How to clip nails so you don\'t have to be declawed? How old before you can be spayed? I am sure she has a bunch more questions. I would also recommend getting a good book on how to care for cats. It helps to have a reference at home. Good luck little one!
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    Does the bag have any feeding guidelines? Mommy feeds me Nutro Natural Choice, and the can says 1 can per pound per day. She feeds me about 3 times a day ( I actually eat more like 5 times a day because I like to eat half and go back later), and I'm about 1.5lbs so she feeds me a can and a half. This makes feeding me easy cause she only needs to put half a can down each feeding! Usually the feeding amount on the bag is meant for per day, so you can spread it out however you like. As for suckling, mommy's read that your mommy should try and discourage that by getting you to suck on something like a old blanket or towel because it may become a habit. Sometimes kitties suckle because they were taken from their mommy too soon or it could just be a comfort thing much like kneading with your paws. Mommy also seconds the idea of getting good books for caring cats - a great resource is your local library! Mommy checked out a LOT of books recently about cat care, and learned a LOT!
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