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Sad day at the Merced shelter. We need action!!

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edited 7 June, 2006 in Plus Fun
This is a great opportunity to make a difference for some pups. If you've ever thought of fostering, or even donating to a shelter, this would be the perfect time. Merced is stuffed, and I mean STUFFED, with dogs. They are putting multiple groups of dogs and cats down every week! The rescue coordinator said they have put more dogs down in the past few weeks than ever before. These pups need help. There's a little tiny wirehaired terrier with Demodex that could be saved if someone donated for her medical costs. There's also a Dogue de Bordeaux (French mastiff) mix that has the same condition and is in grave danger of being euthanized. His name is Freddy Fender. There are so many dogs that will be euthanized today, and so many more on lists for the next group! I really have not seen this situation before where a shelter works so hard and has this many animals just streaming in to the point where they're having to euthanize multiple times a week. If you can do anything, even if you see a dog or cat on the list that you like that isn't in danger, please donate or try to help them out. If they're not on the list now, they will be soon! This was posted on dogster so that's why it's about dogs, but there are many cats too! So you can help them too! If you'r looking for a new pet, please check their site! Poor pups and kitties are in big trouble, they Need help! This is their web adress:


  • -- ---- -- Member Posts: 4,760
    edited 2 June, 2006
  • cat shepherdcat shepherd KnoxvilleMember Posts: 6,314
    edited 2 June, 2006
    Just a note to say Leo is right. Shelters nationwide are stuffed with animals. If you can take in another pet or can foster pet(s), please check with your local shelters and rescue organizations. My Mom says fostering is hard ... it's a lot of work, but it's so rewarding. Or if you can, donate money, blankets, towels, sheets, food, shampoo, detergent, litter ... or just your time. Even $1 makes a difference. If 20 people gave an organization $1 a day, that $140 a week! It adds up. And if you can't do any of the above ... tell someone about the problem. Bring it up to your friends, your co-workers, your fellow students. Get the word out that there are TONS of animals out there who need homes or they will be put down. Just in the county I live in more than 11,000 animals were euthanized last year. And nearly 3,000 have been done so far this year. That's just one shelter in one county. Spread the word!!!
  • David HoweryDavid Howery MilwaukieMember Posts: 8,199
    edited 2 June, 2006
    This isn't just dogs, either. There are huge numbers of cats that are being euthanized also. Here is the list of pets they have now:
  • -- ---- -- Member Posts: 4,760
    edited 3 June, 2006
    I know, so if any of you is thinking of gettin' a dog or a cat, please check their list first!
  • MouseMouse Near Camborne,Member Posts: 43,591 ✭✭✭
    edited 3 June, 2006
    This is soo sad. Thanks to my dear Leo for bringing it to peoples attention. Every one of us are or were rescues including me, the farmer was going to drown me. We need more foster homes and addoptions all over the word. PURRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for all the kittys and doggies needing homes.
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    edited 4 June, 2006
    Whaa, Smudge, I didn't know that! Poor lil kitty, thanks to your mommie that she gave you a great life :) Luv ya sweetie.. Please keep this thread bumped.. oh, and you can tag your photo too : For Merced
  • David HoweryDavid Howery MilwaukieMember Posts: 8,199
    edited 7 June, 2006
    Thanks, everyone, for helping out. Again, if you want to root for a particular cat to get out of there, you can check their website (link provided above), tag a pic "For Merced," and then list which cat tugged at your heart.
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