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Competition Amongst Felines

nancy monkeymammanancy monkeymamma (LA)Member Posts: 642
edited 10 June, 2006 in Plus Fun
I don't care for that too much! 1800petmeds is having a contest and I'm in it. BUT, so are other kitties that are on Catster. I think I may officially secede. Tough decision. Mommy and Daddy think the whole competition is rigged. Have you done the math? Good luck to those who entered.


  • AshPoGusAshPoGus AlbuquerqueMember Posts: 7,041 ✭✭✭
    edited 9 June, 2006
    Hi Monkey. I\'m not very good at math, but I know when others have entered the contest on that site, their overall \"rating\" came out very low. So, if that\'s happening to you, I think it\'s just the usual thing. Yeah, it seems a little fishy. Who\'s giving such low ratings? I haven\'t even been able to see the ratings for you or for Simba -- I know he\'s in that contest this month, too. Good Luck to both of you. But Monk, we need to find you a different contest! There are lots of others. Don\'t be discouraged by this one. Pffffft to it!
  • TRACY YOUNGTRACY YOUNG New YorkMember Posts: 6,538
    edited 9 June, 2006
    Look, let\'s face it. These \"contests\" are totally bogus, just designed to sell stuff. Even COTD, I hazard, is randomly selected. I mean, they\'\'ve had fake cats and cats with vulgar names as COTD. Forget contests. Cats are above such silliness. Join the yoga group, NaMEOWste, where we are all one and we are all wonderful.
  • nancy monkeymammanancy monkeymamma (LA)Member Posts: 642
    edited 9 June, 2006
    Thanks a lot you two! I honestly want to official secede. Am looking into it. wouldn't that be a NOTso NORMAL thing to do? "Hi, I'd like to officially quit this contest!" I wonder??? could I do that? Not cuz I'm a quitter, but I dont believe the ratings/votes are any where near accurate. So I feel it's dishonest. It's very annoying. Today I breezed through the dogs and I saw the same dog 4 within 10shots. i was shocked! That's it!
  • nancy monkeymammanancy monkeymamma (LA)Member Posts: 642
    edited 9 June, 2006
    how do i delete a post?
  • TRACY YOUNGTRACY YOUNG New YorkMember Posts: 6,538
    edited 10 June, 2006
    Ask Scooter, she knows everything.
  • Patricia HodgePatricia Hodge WatertownMember Posts: 14,819
    edited 10 June, 2006
    Hello, Usually if a pet magazine runs one it is quite fair, but the ones on the sites, there are so many and usually just the ones who enter are the ones who go there... and you are right the scores stay very low... and most of the contestants are beautiful Bluie
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