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OMC! How bad could this day get!! *Screams*

Dr- Rebecca KennedyDr- Rebecca Kennedy Member Posts: 2,026
edited 30 June, 2006 in Plus Fun
Hello Pups, This is mommie Rebecca speaking. All the dogs are at the groomer getting there Summer haircuts. Anyways, today this morning I opened the garage door and I was going to turn on the car when our Lil' Nellie bolted out underneath the car. My husband had put sticky mouse traps in the under the car and my poor Nellie got stuck in one. She was flipping around like a fish. It was horrible! I had heard her crying and meowing really loud. So, I called the groomer and told her I would be late. I told her what had happend and She told me what to do: put cooking oil on it so she could slip off. It worked but her HOLE body was covered in stick. We took her a bath & it didn't work to well. So I called the vet and they said to come in. We sat in the vets office from 7:00 to 11:26 when they took her out of the box everyone said ERRRR poor kitty, poor baby, Yuck I've never dealed with a sticky cat. Later on the vet came in took one look at her said EERRRRRRRRR...and walked out of the room (LOL) How rude! Nellie was horrible looking. They said they're going to put her to sleep for a bit and wash her off. If it doesn't work then my bebe is going to HAIRLESS! Oh, I feel horrible! I'm home without my Nellie :-(!!! Oh and poor me! I probably scared everyone in the vet! The way I looked! But..The reason we think she ran out so fast is because there were 2 dead mice on it. Rebecca Granada P.S. I hope I don't come home with a hairless cat. Catster Page:


  • jennifer viscontijennifer visconti queensMember Posts: 2,157
    edited 29 June, 2006
    OH NO! You poor, poor baby!!!! Please let us know if you are now hairless or not (hopefully you are stick free) Mom can only imagine the chaos of your mom's day today - we can't help but think it is just a tiny bit funny - Mom keeps picturing nellie running around the house with odd bits attached to her. If you stay sticky nellie, you won't ever get lost! Your mom can stick you anywhere and know where you are! SORRY! I shouldn't joke, if that happened to me, my mother would need to check into the hospital herself. Seriously, I really hope you are ok - I hope your skin isn't irritated or anything - I am sending you a rosette to make up for the jokes.
  • Dr- Rebecca KennedyDr- Rebecca Kennedy Member Posts: 2,026
    edited 29 June, 2006
    Hee hee! Your so silly. Not! Just kidding. I'm O.K. and running around now. The trip cost 106 dollars. 50 dollars for the bath, check up was 20 dollars and the day in hospital was 8 dollars. I think I'm forgetting something but...I'm tired anyways. Mommie also took me to the groomer cause she had to pick up the doggies. The groomer took me named me and shaved my wittle arms and wittle tail. I'm her Poodle/Rat/Cat she says MOL! I'am also her kitty boogy. ''The best cat in the groomers'' MOL! I got an award from my groomer. But anyways, what a day! Thanks for the Rosette pal :-)! Wuv you, *Licks and Huggies* Nellie P.S. I'm not hairless Yay!
  • jennifer viscontijennifer visconti queensMember Posts: 2,157
    edited 30 June, 2006
    AWWW! sweet cutie pie! glad you are back home in one piece! Your mom has to post pictures of your new "summer" haircut! You must be a very good baby to behave in the grooomers - I'm impressed!
  • Dr- Rebecca KennedyDr- Rebecca Kennedy Member Posts: 2,026
    edited 30 June, 2006
    Hee hee Thanks Eve!
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