Should I go to a SPA?

Gregory WilliamsGregory Williams NewarkMember Posts: 68
edited 8 September, 2006 in Grooming
Hey it me SHEA my dad is thinking about taking me to get groomed. You know the works, a wash, nails done, and my ears cleaned. The only problem is that I never had this done before. I am a little old (3 years) am i too old for this being that it is my first time or should I go and be the QUEEN that I am ? HELP


  • Lisa HoweLisa Howe ToledoMember Posts: 513
    edited 4 September, 2006
    My mommy takes me to a groomer, I had never been to one that she knows of, I was 5 when I came to live with her. Your never too old. Don't get me wrong, I hate going, but she makes me.
  • Alison GeargeouraAlison Geargeoura Member Posts: 157
    edited 5 September, 2006
    Wow! Let me know how it goes Shea! Wylie - did they try to use a Hair Dryer thing on you? Sounds scary! Yet if we could get them to feed us at the same time.... *ponder* luck!
  • Teri SextonTeri Sexton Member Posts: 7,987
    edited 5 September, 2006
    Sounds kinda nice to me! I might ask your Daddy to do it on a day he can be around to come get you if you object too much! Check the place out well before, also. Ask to see the cages and make sure they are cleaned between pets, or disease can be transferred. If that is a concern, you could even ask if you can stay in your own carrier. Let us know how it goes!
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 5 September, 2006
    Is there a reason you need a bath? Are you matted? Do you have urine or feces (or mud etc.) stuck in your fur? Are your parents allergic? If the answers are no, then you do not need to go in. I am 6 and have yet to have a bath. MOmmy will avoid it at all costs, and besides, I am clean enough already. It is important to keep your nails trimmed, but your parents or a vet can do that for you. If your ears look clean, then they probably do not need cleaning. Now, having said that, it is not too late for you to start getting bathed. I just don't rec. it for kitties unless there is an actual need. We keep ourselves clean enough.
  • Mary GuarrasiMary Guarrasi oshawaMember Posts: 145
    edited 8 September, 2006
    I like to go under the hose! does that count as a bath? I never took a bath, but I\'m only 5 months old so I have a lot of time... I get my fur dirty sometimes but it goes out after a day, sometimes two. I agree with Hunter. I saw those shampoos at the pet store, so I suppose if you need a bath you could just do it at home. Also, you can keep the shampoo for another time instead of spending money at the spa. You should have nail clippers at home so you can do that too. Hope that helps a bit. Cream&family
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