Stroll For Steve Irwin

Missy SmithMissy Smith ErieMember Posts: 1,536
OK, I suggested this in a couple of other threads on Dogster & got some positive feedback so here goes.... Lets honor Steve Irwin by having a stroll in his name. Tag one of your photos with Steve Irwin, and maybe add a caption reflecting on how you felt about him, or maybe just something like In Loving Memory... whatever you feel comfortable with. As soon as we have lots of strollers I will email the link to this thread to Animal Planet... maybe they can pass it along to his wife & family. Again, just tag a pic with Steve Irwin to join the stroll. xoxoxo ♥ Missy


  • Carla BzikCarla Bzik Member Posts: 117
    edited 16 September, 2009
    me and meowmie just visited the stroll, we joined days ago. it made meowmie cry......such wonderful kitties out there and such a wonderful man with a wonderful family that must miss him so much...
  • Amie HixonAmie Hixon YakimaMember Posts: 145
    edited 16 September, 2009
    Compassion flows from this family.... Steve was an amazing man, that most of us "animal lovers" saw ourselves in. He was inspirational, and had the integrity and determination that most of us spend a lifetime trying to find. Steve was an amazing man, that will be missed by all who came to know him and his nature~ even if it was through the t.v. We can only wish to have the conviction and determination that Steve lived by day-to-day. His family is just as impressive. And we pray for this family, and send condolesences from around the world. We know that words will not heal fresh wounds. Or even ones that are still fresh years from now. But these words are important, because later, thoughts will drift, and reality will let it be known that this man has touched so many lives. He will not be forgotten for all that he did to speak for the speechless. And his legacy will live on.... Thinking of the Irwin Family, Teakah, Ella, Ollie, Meduse, Frankenstein, Leoperdo, Rhinocerus I &II, and the Shark.
  • Missy SmithMissy Smith ErieMember Posts: 1,536
    edited 16 September, 2009
    For the record - the kitties are winning! 171 Catster pics submitted, 139 Dogsters. Go, Go Kitties Go! Like it was any big surprise that the kitties would come out on top... we do rule the world, after all. Steve would be proud. xoxoxo ♥
  • Bonnie SchultzBonnie Schultz MuncieMember Posts: 515
    edited 16 September, 2009
    An interesting day at the Rainbow Bridge . Rainbow Bridge is a place of both peace and anticipation as departed pets await their beloved owners. There are plenty of things to keep them contented while they wait: trees you can\'t get stuck in, endless meadows, splashing streams, thickets perfect to hide in for pounce-attack games. But one day the residents noticed some rather... unusual newcomers arrive. The koalas and the kangaroos slipped in rather quietly, but then came the bearded dragons, the skinks and the goannas. The influx of snakes startled an entire family of cats up a tree. Pythons, cobras, tiger snakes, brown snakes and even fierce snakes. There were so many at one point, it seemed the ground itself was alive with writhing. A burly wombat shouldered his way through the crowd and plopped down in a shady spot, barely missing a Jack Russell terrier who yapped indignantly as he abandoned his position. And then the crocodiles showed up. Finally, a Great Dane managed to get up enough nerve to approach one of the reptillian giants. \"Um....excuse me,\" he said hesitantly. \"But why are you all here?\" The croc dropped her jaw and laughed. \"Same as you, mate,\" she said. \"Waitin\' for someone who loved us.\" The dogs, cats, gerbils and other \"typical pets\" looked at each other in confusion, then at the plethora of weird, ugly and downright deadly creatures assembled. Who on Earth could possibly love some of those faces? \"I see him!\" shouted a green mamba from his vantage point in one of the trees. A cacophony of squeeks, hisses, bellows and roars erupted as the mob surged forward toward a lone human walking across the field toward the bridge. The other animals managed to catch a glimpse of him before he was overwhelmed by the crowd. \"CRIKEY!\" he shouted joyously right before he was bowled over by the wombat. \"Well I\'ll be,\" said a Persian as she tidied up her fur. \"It\'s that Aussie my human liked to watch on TV. Had to be the craziest human on the whole planet.\" \"Oh, please,\" remarked a echidna as he hurried by. \"Is it really that crazy to passionately love something God made?\" ~posted by a fan on the Crocodile Hunter website~ Someone sent my mom this. She wanted to share.
  • Missy SmithMissy Smith ErieMember Posts: 1,536
    edited 16 September, 2009
    Update: I have forwarded all of the information about the stroll for Steve - including urls - to Animal Planet and the Australia Zoo. Hopefully the information will reach his family. Thanks to everycat participating. It isnt too late to join the stroll if you havent already. Do it for Steve, may he rest in peace. xoxoxo ♥ Missy
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