RIP Sake girl

Gina LaRoseGina LaRose New OrleansMember Posts: 9
My kitty died today out of nowhere. I left to go to school and she was fine and when I got home she was gone. I have no idea what happened and my boyfriend and I are really distraught. I'm trying to be positive and remember the good times, but everything in the apartment makes me think of her. I'm just mad that she was taken so soon and I'm confused. I had some strange things happen this morning too, that maybe were signs I should have styaed home. My car wouldn't start, then my tire needed air, then I wasn't feeling well...and I even decided to skip my classes once I got to school, but by then it was too late. I know there's probably nothing I could have done if I would have been here, but I still feel guilty for having her die alone. I can't get the images of her poor, lifeless body out of my head. I've never seen an animal like that, let alone my own pet. She was born from two stray cats and was pretty temperamental and didn't like being held too much, but she loved me and was pretty warmed up to my boyfriend as well (her "daddy.") So it wasn't odd for her to try to bite or scratch or be nervous and kind of crazy, but we all got used to it. Well, this morning she was in one of her moods and wound up biting and scratching me on two occasions and I swatted her on the butt. I just feel bad that that was my last interaction with my baby. I know I shouldn't feel bad because she knew I loved her and would give my right arm to have her back, but I can't help but feel guilty. We are having her privately cremated so we can have her remains back and spread them in the backyard and plant a tree or some flowers in her memory. Well, thanks for reading. The more I write about it the more I feel better. I'm sorry for anyone else who lost a pet. My thoughts and prayers are with you also.
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