Kitten or Adult Cat?

Anne WhitehurstAnne Whitehurst LongmontMember Posts: 5,024
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Mommie volunteers at the local humane society and every week sees kitties she would like to bring home. I\'m used to being the Princess, but did live with another cat and a dog in my previous home. We live in an apartment so can only have one more cat, and frankly there\'s not room for more than that. What do you guys think would be best--for me to have another adult brother or sister or a kitten? I\'m pretty quiet, but I do like to play sometimes.


  • Kat HiKat Hi Member Posts: 181
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    due to your age, a new kitten will probably disrupt the routine. older cats take longer to adjust, and they may have been used to being king or queen, so its hard to say. my personaly opinion is that the new cat should have a similar personality to you (whether young or old). finding one who likes to entertain itself might be best. either way, its gonna be hard for you to have to adjust to being one of 2, instead of the only one. my mom's going through a similar situation. i'm 3 years old, and have spent the last year by myself (and loving it!). now mom says we're getting a puppy. luckily, i like to play, but enjoy being alone, so the puppy can play with mom and the boyfriend when i wanna sleep. grandma comes over sometimes and brings her dog, and i try to play after an hour or so, once the pup settled down. in the end, unless there is a major disruption between you and the new kitty, whoever calls to your mom's heart the most at the humane society (or wherever it is she's looking at cats... sorry, i have a bad memory). thats the cat she should choose. she should always keep in mind that she's picking out a new kitty for their forever home, and should really look into why a certain cat is pulling on her heart strings so. hope that helped.
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    Thanks, Edward. I guess it\'s going to be up to Mommie. She has already had one disappointment in that a sweet, shy little female cat she thought would be perfect for us has already been adopted, so it\'s back to the drawing board.
  • Straw MeltonStraw Melton VancouverMember Posts: 37
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    If you are capable of understanding the implications of this question, then there can only be one answer. Adult. There are so many adult cats. If you want pedigreed, perrrfect - adults are cheaper. If you are not sure where you will be living, purrrfect adopt a senior cat - they usually have great perrrsonalities.
  • Becky KnippBecky Knipp JanesvilleMember Posts: 408
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    My mommy volunteers at the local humane society also. With an adult cat, you know the personality of the cat you are going to get. With a kitten, their personality may change once they reach adulthood. Also, adult and senior cats are much harder to find a furever home. People always seem to want kittens so they go quickly. Before your mommy adopts a new cat, she should take you there to meet it if the humane society allows it. If they don't you to come there, then your mommy should ask if she can put another cat in the same room (in a cage) to see how it responds to another cat. It's ability to get along with our cats may be a deciding factor.
  • Anne WhitehurstAnne Whitehurst LongmontMember Posts: 5,024
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    Thanks for the advice, guys. I already let Mommie know in no uncertain terms that a kitten wouldn\'t be welcome. A neighbor kitten poked its little head in our front door the other day and I growled and hissed at it. Mommie isn\'t sure I\'d be any happier with an adult cat, particularly as she wants another black cat like Gremlin (and his ghost scares me when he comes to visit Mommie, which is not infrequently). So we\'re probably back to the drawing board. She guesses if and when the right cat comes along, she\'ll know, just like she did with Gremlin and later with me.
  • Yipee LadybugYipee Ladybug Member Posts: 3,805
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    Lucie, good luck to you and your mommy. Hope she finds the right cat, so that both of you can be happy (after the usual period of adjustment, of course!).
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