Robin BerrieRobin Berrie Santa FeMember Posts: 1
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I LOVE Peppermint! I don't know why, but it make me yawn..other than that, it agrees with me. Is it o.k. to keep eating this? My mommy hides it, but I can smell it & I will meowww till she gives me some.


  • P IngramP Ingram EaganMember Posts: 7,400
    edited 27 December, 2006
    I know there are mint things for cats, so overall it must be safe. However, mint and peppermint have some natural properties in them that make them a natural aspirin, and cats cant metabolize many of these type of chemicals, so I would be careful on amount.
  • edited 27 December, 2006
    catnip is in the mint family.
  • P IngramP Ingram EaganMember Posts: 7,400
    edited 27 December, 2006
    From the ASPCA website "I would like to use peppermint leaves or oil to rid my house of ants. Could this harm my cat? —Winafred B. If ingested, the peppermint plant and its oil could indeed potentially cause harm to your cat. Cats are especially sensitive to peppermint oil, and effects such as gastrointestinal upset, central nervous system depression and even liver damage could occur if ingested in significant quantities. Some peppermint oil formulations also contain aspirin derivatives, which could result in additional toxicity. "
  • Veronica NoechelVeronica Noechel RaleighMember Posts: 7
    edited 3 January, 2007
    There is a huuuuuge difference between a little bit of peppermint leaves and pure peppermint oil. How about looking for catmint, an herb like catnip that cats are particularly fond of? I plan to order some seeds in the spring! :)
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