Am I fat?

Rosie GarciaRosie Garcia Orange CountyMember Posts: 7
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Mommy has been really worried about me lately. I've gained two pounds in two weeks and she was wondering if she should cut back my food, or just let me be the fat cat I wanna be? What is the normal amount of food to feed a cat daily? Am I eating too much? Should she just fill my bowl once a day and that's all? HELP!!! Abby


  • T DerrT Derr HuttoMember Posts: 1,479
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    You're a growing kitty and you will be gaining weight. You're just right for your age (9months). You should be eating 1/4 to 2/3 cup of cat food daily. A normal weight range for an adult female cat (over 1 year) will be between 10-12 lbs, anything over that is getting into overweight range. You should still be on kitten food until your a 1 year old, after that you'll go on adult food. It's important for your human to put you on a high quality premium cat food. Our humans had us on different cat foods over the years until we developed some allergies. She switched to Natural Balance (found at Petco) and it's worked wonders for us. Mom wishes she knew about this food much earlier in our lives. Good nutrition leads to a happier, healthier and long-living cat. Here's a link to give you an idea of additional feeding ranges as you get older.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    Cally, the feeding guidelines you provided are for cats eating that particular kind of food. It is important for cats to get adequate amount of calories w/o over feeding. I also think your numbers are a bit off for female cat sizes. I have seen female adult cats range anywhere between 5#-12#. Abby, what type of food are you eating? At four to six months of age, your kitten's daily requirement for energy is about 100 to 130 kcals per kg of body weight, closer to that of an adult cat (70 to 80 kcal/kg body weight). Since you are about 9 months of age we'll use the 100 kcals/kg. Your page says you weigh 8 pounds, thats 3.6 kg. You should be eating about 360 kcals per day. You can then divide the number of calories/cup and feed the apporpriate amount. Ex: if your food has 500 calories (kcal)/ per cup, then 360/500=0.72...or about 3/4 cup per day. Make sure you measure the food out w/ a measuring cup. You can feed give all the food at once, or you can split it into 2 feedings per day. Hope this helps and if you have any q's please feel free to pmail me.
  • Rosie GarciaRosie Garcia Orange CountyMember Posts: 7
    edited 3 January, 2007
    Mom feeds me All Natural Cat food found at Petco. She's been getting upset because our roommates fill the bowl up after I finish it :D I love it of course, but it's making mommy really frustrated. We looked everywhere on the bag for calories and only found a serving suggestion of 3/4th a cup. I'm just such a small cat. I'm very short and all the fat is going to my stomach. Is it possible that Im full grown already? I'd say Im up to 9 pounds now, and my bday is in Feburary.
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