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Why can\'t I lose weight?

Jennifer O'NeilJennifer O'Neil JeffersonvilleMember Posts: 77
edited 16 January, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Mommy feeds me 1/2 cup of Innova Lite a day and I don't usually eat all of that and I'm still not losing weight. I don't need to lose a bunch, just a pound. I'm fairly inactive.


  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 11 January, 2007
    I see you are about 11#. Losing 1# is 10% of your body weight. It doesn't seem like much, but if you were a 100# human, you'd need to lose 10#. It may take several months before you will accomplish this goal. Don't be discouraged, as weight loss in kitties can be very difficult. I'd recommend trying a canned diet. These have more protein and water and hardly (if any) carbs or fillers. I understand being an inactive kitty, as I am one too and I find playing with things, except my catnip muse, boring. I'd rather sleep. Try to offer some form of exercise, whether that be chasing one another around the house or getting a "Cat Dancer" toy. Ask your vet how many calories per day you should be getting and feed accordingly. Most foods have kcals/cup or per can listed on their label.
  • Jerry MikutisJerry Mikutis ChicagoMember Posts: 135
    edited 11 January, 2007
    I agree with Hunter - he and his mom always has the best advice! I'm a bit of a porker - I was 20 lbs back in August and I eat almost entirely canned diet - I've definately lost 2 lbs since then, but I sure need to lose more! I don't know what Innova lite is made up of - mostly carbs, protein, etc, but have you considered going higher protein to Innova Evo. Even though it's a kitten food, some kitties lose weight on it b/c it has so little grains, which some say is similiar to a cat's diet in the wild - some diet or lite foods tend to have higher grains to make the calories less, but cats don't use the energy as well as animal protein. Good luck!
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 11 January, 2007
    Innova Lite contains 332 calories per cup (and a scary number of carbs but I won't start on that). Dry foods tend to be high in calorie content. Like Hunter said, try adding more canned food to your diet. There are many low-calorie brands, like Science Diet and Fancy Feast and Friskies. Here's a chart where you can see how many calories, among other things, are in different brands of food: Try excercising more, too. I don't play with many toys, either, but my Human recently bought me some new ones. Two are fishing pole toys and one is a fleece ball with feathers. I like my catfish fishing pole toy the best. It is one of those new CFA Active Cat toys.
    edited 12 January, 2007
    We have the same problem!! I weigh 14 pounds!!! I cry until I get fed & Daddy loves me, so I know he'll feed me & feed me!!But, now the vet said that i I don't lose weight, I could get diabetes!! Mommy started me on Innova wet food. I eat one small can. I only get 1/4 cup of the dry food. So far, I have lost a few ounces, but the vet said it will take a few months!!! Hang in there!;c;
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 12 January, 2007
    Meows, Maggie May. Obesity can lead to diabetes so try to lose some of that weight you don't need :) A high carb mostly dry food diet also can lead to obesity and to diabetes. Low carb canned foods are best to help lessen the chance of obesity and diabetes. The link I posted above can help you find a good low carb canned food. The dry food chart is here:
  • Jennifer O'NeilJennifer O'Neil JeffersonvilleMember Posts: 77
    edited 12 January, 2007
    It won't be easy to put me on a wet food diet. Mom's tried before and I'd rather not eat. I loved California Natural which is a good high protein dry food. I thought Innova was one of the highest quality foods out there! Mom measured the calories I should have for weight loss and is feeding me that amount, but I eat maybe half of that. I know 1 lb. is 10% of my weight and it isn't easy. Mom's more concerned that I don't eat all that much as it is. But the vet says I'm healthy. In humans, I know not eating enough calories can mess up your metabolism. I wonder if it's the same in cats?
  • Elizabeth KElizabeth K ChicagoMember Posts: 11,036
    edited 12 January, 2007
    I use Wellness Lite. I don't like to play but my humans got me more active by having my dry food upstairs (and they give me canned food downstairs) so I have to at least use the stairs a couple times a day. This has helped me since I won't run around in play. I weight 16 lbs when I was adopted and now I weight 13 lbs. It took me about a year to lose that weight, it can take a long time but it is not healthy for cats to lose weight quickly so slow is good. Now I am much better weight-wise and I also have a LOT more muscle than I used to!
  • Emma MendiolaEmma Mendiola Suisun CityMember Posts: 59
    edited 13 January, 2007
    Hi Calla. My mom recently decided to introduce canned food to our diet, for our own good apparently, but much to my displeasure. I am quite partial to anything crunchy. I am very fond of my dry kibble. I love cookies and crackers, but I\'m not allowed to have them. When I was first given canned food, I wouldn\'t go anywhere near it, which was too bad for me because I missed that feeding of the day (I get fed 6 times a day, so I did get fed not too long after)! My mom started putting a few pieces of dry kibble in the canned food, so I\'d have to eat a bit of it to get to my crunchies. She also used a very shallow dish so that I wouldn\'t have to get my face dirty when trying to eat. I\'d only eat enough to get to what I wanted, so then she tried to encourage me to eat the canned food by trying to hand feed me. That was a good move! I love being hand fed! She didn\'t seem to excited about having mushy food on her hands, but she did it anyway. Here\'s a website that might help with introducing canned food.
  • Alana RobertsAlana Roberts BrooklynMember Posts: 758
    edited 16 January, 2007
    Hi ther I'm having similair issues with Wolfie, the vet recommended a kitty ATkins diet. She said carbs are not part of a kitty's natural diet only meat and fats so a high protien diet - like kitten food canned mind you would actually help wolfie reach a healthy body weight. The vet said to take away my biscuits because a kitty isnt meant to eat lots of carbs their body doesn't have a natural stopping point to tell them when they are full and they will overeat biscuits. It sounds like your kitty isn't eating much though. Maybe you should set smaller goals for now 1lb does seem like a lot to lose. If your vet thinks your kitty is at a healthy weight I would go with their advice in general. But a good way to check if it a healthy weight is you should be able to feel the cats ribs under their fur easily - although they shouldn't be poking out and their tummy should be trim - of course neutered kitties and ones who have had kittens' tummies will be a bit droopy. So don't let that fool you, a droopy tummy isn't necessarily due to being overweight - Jabba for instance is a good weight but has a droopy tummy from her days as a stray having many litters of kittens.
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