I eat too much.

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Hi there.:-h This is Little Ms. Big Butt,:)) or Sparx. I have a problem, its true. See, I\'m a Greedy Puss:)) and I gobble up my food. My mommy wants to put me on a diet :(( and she would like to know how much food I should get each day. I\'m 8 months old and I\'m pretty chubby. I don\'t know how much I weigh.:r But its probably more than i should.:r Hope I can get some answers. Thanx from the Manx, Sparx


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    :-h I\'m Dave, I\'m like two years old. And I like maybe 10 or 11 lbs. That\'s because I sleep a lot. My owner made a bed for me and I have been sleeping in it ever since. You see when you\'re asleep, you don\'t eat. The more you sleep, the less you eat. It happens to anyone, animals or humans. |bb|
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    HI there Sparx, your at an age when your still growing fast - I know I am! If you eat too fast though it can make you puke - been there - and thats no good. Do you have bro's or sisters? I am always trying to take my sisters food if someone was trying to take your food it might make you want to eat faster too... If it's really a problem can you give him more frequent smaller portions. Maybe that would calm his appetite and make him slow down because he knows there's more wher that came from! :-k Just a thought... Wolfie and mum
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    It\'s really important to know how much you weigh before considering any type of weight loss program. This is important for several reasons, but the most important reason is to make sure that any weight loss is gradual. Rapid weight loss in cats, whether intentional or not, can be extremely detrimental to your health. It\'s also really important to make sure that you actually need to lose weight before trying to do so. (I posted in the following thread about weight.) http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/375339 In regards to eating too much... are you eating too much? or are you eating too fast? In the case of eating too much, you should follow the feeding guidelines established by the manufacturer of the food you are eating. Of course, again, if you are used to getting more food than is recommended each day, it is important to gradually reduce the amount over several days or even weeks to avoid any health concerns. If you are free fed, your mom may need to gradually stop the free feeding and begin feeding you on a schedule. If, on the other hand, you are eating too fast, Hunter posted some good tips in the health forum the other day that involved feeding on a cookie sheet or even placing a ping pong ball on the cookie sheet which will force you to slow down while eating. I hope this helps! ~Booger~
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