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The Warriors Series?

Sarah FredricksonSarah Fredrickson Mount LaurelMember Posts: 17
My mom reads this series called Warriors. It\'s about these groups of feral cats that live in the wild (how cool would THAT be!?) and work together to survive. I personally think the books are more comfortable to sleep on, but when she reads them out loud to me at bedtime I listen. Anybody else\'s mom/dad\'s read these books? Mom\'s Note: Heehee, humans, feel free to post YOUR opinions on these books too ;)


  • fedfc gh6thjfedfc gh6thj WancheseMember Posts: 174
    edited 19 January, 2007
    Hi this is Mocha's mommy here, and I love The Warriors books! Personaly, I hope they wont end! =; *claws mother away from computer* I think their realy cool! I want to be in Wind Clan and meet Crowfeather! *Smiles at the thought of meeting another cat* :-h
  • Sarah FredricksonSarah Fredrickson Mount LaurelMember Posts: 17
    edited 19 January, 2007
    Jaxx's Mommy: have you heard about the new series coming out in April? Warriors: The Power of the Three =D -Jaxx shoves mom away, then shakes head- she's pathetic. almost as pathetic as when someone mentions Wolf's Rain -rolls eyes- I personally think I'd enjoy being in RiverClan, so I could play with the fish in the river...hehehe...
  • Ana SlaterAna Slater Ladera RanchMember Posts: 146
    edited 19 January, 2007
    This is sapphire's mommy! I LOVE the warriors books! *sapphire pushes her away* Sapphire- I would LOVE to be in Thunderclan and meet Squirrelflight and all the other cats!
  • Sarah FredricksonSarah Fredrickson Mount LaurelMember Posts: 17
    edited 19 January, 2007
    we have WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan...any kitties in ShadowClan around!? Jaxx's Mom: hey, I just had an idea. I've been seeing a lot of Warriors fans on here, and I was thinking, what if I/we made a Warriors group, but had both announcements and things about the series, as well a mini Warrior RPG? -shrugs- I dunno, might bomb, but it's an idea x3
  • LilyLily BranfordMember Posts: 23,679 ✭✭✭
    edited 19 January, 2007
    My humans want to know who the author of this series is, so they can find it.
  • Sarah FredricksonSarah Fredrickson Mount LaurelMember Posts: 17
    edited 19 January, 2007
    Jaxx's mom here (I'm logging on during Study Hall)...Athena, tell your humans that the author is Erin Hunter :3
  • Elizabeth KElizabeth K ChicagoMember Posts: 11,036
    edited 19 January, 2007
    If you like Warriors you HAVE to read "The Wild Road" and "The Golden Cat(sequel)" by Gabriel King! They are really great books and somewhat similar to Warriors... I am in the middle of The Golden Cat right now and it's really good. I actually only read the first Warriors book, a friend lent it to me but she did not have the second one and I couldn't find it at the library so I haven't read any more (yet.) My friend wrote a really cute fanfiction involving some of her cats and the Warriors series...
  • Rebecca FuseeRebecca Fusee TracyMember Posts: 3,048
    edited 19 January, 2007
    !!! You should all join my Warriors Group!! I keep Erin Hunter updates current, and as much info as is available. Plus, you can hang out with all of us crazy Warriors fans! I'll send you some invites - I'm trying to keep the group as active as I can... ;c;
  • Sarah FredricksonSarah Fredrickson Mount LaurelMember Posts: 17
    edited 19 January, 2007
    Zoe, I think I am part of your group :)
  • Gimli_TGMGimli_TGM HurstMember Posts: 29,929 ✭✭
    edited 19 January, 2007
    Hi Jaxx, we read the Warriors series too! Zoe, mom just bought \"Dawn\" tonight at Barnes and Noble. She is going to go to Borders online and buy the last 3. She saw them all tonight, but 3 for 2 sounds too good to pass up! Mom always wonders what we would be if we were in a clan. She thinks Kiki would be clan leader. Kikistar! MOL She was a black and white kitty (harlequin), so she\'d probably be Harlequinstar or something. She would be a kind of leader like Bluestar. Nigel would be Kiki\'s deputy. Kahlan never had kittens but she would be a good mom. But she would also be a good medicine cat. Tabi would be an apprentice, then a warrior and I think I would be Tabi\'s mentor. Mom is kinds undecided about Isis. She wouldn\'t be a good mom; she\'d probably be a warrior. Purrs and headbutts, Gim
  • Cristina MartinezCristina Martinez Mexico CityMember Posts: 1,895
    edited 20 January, 2007
    Hi I would like to know if there is a Latin America edition of the book??? And I want to know if is a child book??? Thanks for the help:-h
  • Gimli_TGMGimli_TGM HurstMember Posts: 29,929 ✭✭
    edited 20 January, 2007
    The series is a young reader series--for ages around 12 I think. In the bookstores they are found in the children's section.
  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
    edited 20 January, 2007
    Check this out: Buy two of the Warriors series listed and get the third one free -- offer good only through January 29th.
  • Chris XChris X BeverlyMember Posts: 3,221
    edited 20 January, 2007
    Oooh! I love the Warriors series- but I started it late. I\'m not out of the first series yet. I just bought Warriors: The Darkest Hour (last book in the first series) today, it\'s the one I\'m up to. I like these stories a lot- they\'re really suspenseful. They\'re the kind of books you\'ll sit in a chair reading for 3 hours nonstop because you just have to see what happens next.
  • Kristine RatliffKristine Ratliff Rock FallsMember Posts: 284
    edited 20 January, 2007
    My human sister just bought one! "Midnight". She hasn't gotten very far in it. It was really weird that Mom ran across this post. Neither Mom or Sister had heard of it until today!!
  • Grace FlamepeltGrace Flamepelt HyattsvilleMember Posts: 3
    edited 22 January, 2007
  • Sarah FredricksonSarah Fredrickson Mount LaurelMember Posts: 17
    edited 26 January, 2007
    Lucky, my mom just wants to let your's know that some bits (usually the battles between the Clans, as well as the ending of Sunset) can be pretty messy, but it is mostly a young adult's book. and has anyone heard that the first two books of The Power of Three comes out on the same day, as well as The Warriors Field Guide? my mom can't wait!
  • Kitty KatKitty Kat Member Posts: 3
    edited 30 June, 2007
    Slims mommy: I love the warriors! The Warriors series is one series that I hope NEVER ends! I have fallen in love with the Warrior books! Slim: *bats mommy with tail until she moves* - I used to be a warrior, I dont think I ever belonged to a clan but I think it would be cool, I wish I could meet all the Warriors in the Warriors Series, although I am getting a little old to do things I used to be able to do...well not exactly old just...FAT..:))
  • Lucy MildridLucy Mildrid SadievilleMember Posts: 8,596
    edited 1 July, 2007
    oo oo oo My mommy LIVES for those books!! She's read all the one that are out, and owns all the ones that are out!! Tell me if I'm missing one.... 1st seiries.... 1.) Into The Wild 2.) Fire And Ice 3.) Forest Of Secrets 4.) Rising Storm 5.) A Dangorous path 6.) The Darkest Hour Second sieries...... 1.) Midnight 2.) moonrise 3.)Dawn 4.) Starlight 5.) Twylight 6.) Sunset Sieries 3...... 1.) The Sight Extras.... The worrior cats secrets The Lost warrior in Manga The End, can't wait til the next ones come out!!
  • Krissy GobleKrissy Goble Member Posts: 2
    edited 3 July, 2007
    My mom loves the Warriors.Her favorite is Stormfur.
  • Lucy MildridLucy Mildrid SadievilleMember Posts: 8,596
    edited 4 July, 2007
    My mommy's favorite is Sandstorm
  • ashey none of yo buisnessashey none of yo buisness Member Posts: 22
    edited 4 July, 2007
    My Mom loves the Warriors!I never got to sit and read them with her but up in heaven I am reading them.We are both waiting for "The Sight",we still havent gotten it. Keiko's Mom: I love the Warriors!Even though I never had the chance to read the books to Keiko I make sure Presley sits and reads them with me.Stormfur is my favorite charectar!I think he should be leader of ThunderClan one day.He would make his mother Silverstream,his sister Feathertail,and his dad Graystripe so proud!I dont think Brambleclaw should have become deputy.I mean I love Brambleclaw but he has jsut been a warrior for about 4 moons.He hasnt even had an apprentice.There are more qualified warriors like Brackenfur.I thought Firestar would have chose him since he was Graystripe's apprentice.As soon as Graystripe makes his triumphed return the position of deputy is all his!I think Erin Hunter makes cerain charectars die that you dont hear about as much,such as Sootfur.I mean you hear about him when he was a kit alittle,you hear about him when Sorreltail became a warrior but really thats it.I think that is there way of saying that charectar has no purpose left in the book.With Cinderpelt I think it meant it is time to pass the torch to Leafpool and let Cinderpelt start her life over as a young kit and become a warrior!
  • Lucy MildridLucy Mildrid SadievilleMember Posts: 8,596
    edited 9 July, 2007
    That's a good way of putting it Kieko!!!
  • ashey none of yo buisnessashey none of yo buisness Member Posts: 22
    edited 21 July, 2007
  • Lucy ChenLucy Chen LAMember Posts: 1,350
    edited 5 August, 2007
    Did you read why Brambleclaw was named deputy? And if your are a warriors fan, I suggest you join THIS GROUP, it's real neat, I am a appentice (Leopardpaw), and am going to be a warrior next week!! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • edited 4 October, 2008
    my favorite is Fireheart and Silverstream and Sandstorm. I don't like Dustpelt or Tigerclaw. I also like Cinderpaw and mostly all ThunderClan cats!!!!!!!!!
  • JessicaJessica Long Island, New YorkMember Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭
    edited 15 October, 2008
    We love the Warriors series! Our human mom especially likes Cinderpelt/Cinderheart, and Graystripe!
  • edited 8 November, 2008
    who wants to join FireClan? I, Graystar, can let any of you join if you know the warrior code :)). Go here: to join!
  • edited 16 April, 2009
    sugars mommy here i love warriors i have read all of them and they are sooo good i hope they never end
  • Naomi SohmaNaomi Sohma MinneapolisMember Posts: 700
    edited 17 April, 2009
    My fav. is Yellowfang. Medicine cats rock
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