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Hello! I am a Catster user and LOVE Catster. However there is one cat and his dog "brother" that may be putting Catster and Dogster in a bad position. I received this paw-mail from Bruno, the cat that I have a problem withs "brother" On Dogster: Subject: why you *howls like a wolf* Sent: Sun Feb 11 Message: you: cat. me: dog. you:scardy. me:strong. well, 4 words: i am the BOSS! stop your fighting now! tell arshi my sis made this big fuss, k sister!!! *howls like A wolf**howls like A wolf**howls like A wolf* *chases lilly until she falls down a hill* gggrrr. I find this threatening and unneeded. We (the user and I) had a bit of a mix up because this user was not keeping the catster way, he was being very rude and using the dog on catster (exp. Cat says, "Cat: Hey Dog: Hello.) to "intimidate" cats. Also, this cat was banned, created a new account and as soon as the 2 weeks before he can post are up, he plans to go right back to the old tricks. Here are the links to both Star and Bruno's pages, please delete these accounts before they reek havoc on the Catster forums again: Stars (the cats) link: Bruno (the dogs) link:
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