Norwegian Forestcats United

Kjersti VagnildhaugKjersti Vagnildhaug Member Posts: 372
edited 15 October, 2008 in Norwegian Forest Cat
Hello evrybody! I think its about time that we \"skogiser\" get our own conversation topics! We are spred all over the world, but our heritage is the woods of Norway. How do you all do out there?


  • Cristina MartinezCristina Martinez Mexico CityMember Posts: 1,895
    edited 26 March, 2007
    Im doing great!!!! I live in Mexico and our breed is not common :-O When people saw me they said "OMG what a big kitty!!" And always said how handsome I look :D;c;
  • RH MerwinRH Merwin KnoxvilleMember Posts: 207
    edited 28 March, 2007
    I hope we're not out of step--Mom is a huge fan of this superior breed. It's been debated that I have a little 'wegie' in me cause I like to climb sheer faces of windows, etc. and I never meow--just sweet chirrups. Just want to say NFCs are the most beautiful of the long- haired breeds.
  • Cristina MartinezCristina Martinez Mexico CityMember Posts: 1,895
    edited 6 April, 2007
    You are right ;c;;c;;c;;c;;c;
  • Julie EckertJulie Eckert San MateoMember Posts: 6
    edited 13 August, 2007
    We are beautiful....or um....handsome in my case! I just turned 1 and am soooo big!! We do chirp, and climb up high on everything, incl. screen doors, tv's...but I love the bathtub as well...:? I found 3 relatives on this site which was sooo cool!! Harry, Smudge and Sissel. Harry's mom wanted me as well, but my mom looked for me for a long time and got to me first. I am going to be living with a dog soon, a rescue from Puerto Vallarta and that should be fun as we like dogs! I don't think my house sister Patches will be happy though. She's really moody so it's hard to say, but I am pretty sure she will be mad! I am very easy going so I will adapt to anything. Ok, let's keep this going!!
  • Jillian GinesJillian Gines mancelonaMember Posts: 40
    edited 22 August, 2007
    I live way up north in MI, so i do just wonderfuly in the winter. this summer i did not do to well so my mommy shaved
  • Luke LiangLuke Liang SydneyMember Posts: 4
    edited 11 September, 2007
    Hi you guys out there in the north! I\'m one of the few (NFCs) living downunder (Australia) and I certainly don\'t enjoy the everlasting summer here. Eventhough in the coolest winter I might have 5 degree C in the early morning. So I leave my fur all year round all over the house! Still I am the best looking boy here and most likely the biggest kitten too. One thing worth mentioning: - Australia / Sydney, and the area where I live, I have encountered all kinds of strange-looking local wild life in the near-by bush. So call me OZ forest Cat.
  • edited 18 September, 2007
    may I post a message here if I'm part wegie.....hhhmmmppphhh... I just wanted to say we are fabulous, furtastic and kings and queens of all of catdom....that's right...we are norwegian, we are PAWSOME;c; may I also say everyone looks stunning, simply stunning as well a s GORGEOUS !!!;c;
  • Tia RobertsonTia Robertson Member Posts: 8
    edited 18 September, 2007
    Hi everybody!! I'm a wegie too!! :) :)
  • Alex StockdaleAlex Stockdale NowraMember Posts: 7
    edited 3 October, 2007
    Hello! I'm a Norwegian Forest Cat also! I am very fluffy and I'm two years old! It is very nice meeting some others like me (I'm always stuck with my Bombay friend, Sylvester) and hopefully our breed will become very well-known! Hugs, Pepsi xoxoxo
  • Jessie WatersJessie Waters LauncestonMember Posts: 41
    edited 4 October, 2007
    I agree with you, Obi-Wan-Kinobi, as I am in Down Under, also. Living in one of the coldest parts, though (Tasmania, it\'s so close to Antartica!) I tend to be able to cope with the summers fairly well. Cassie :^:
  • Annalisa DahlenAnnalisa Dahlen Vancouver, WaMember Posts: 14
    edited 15 April, 2008
    Hello fellow wegies! I hail from the great state of Texas and now reside in Washington state. My "help" adopted me and since then I have learned how to play and that I really love treats.
  • Jenn ByrdJenn Byrd ParkvilleMember Posts: 16
    edited 15 October, 2008
    my mother thinks that i am probably part nfc.
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