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Opinion of kitty food

edited 25 April, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
hello kitties: what do you think of royal canin for indoor cats? i live outside the us and still worry a lot about the food recalls. i know this food was not recalled, and anyway the food i eat is locally made because royal canin has factories in my area. my question is just to satisfy my curiousity. what are your opinions about this food? personally i love it because it makes my hair really shiny, and i seem to be really healthy ever since i started to eat it. this is the food i eat on the web:


  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 21 April, 2007
    I personally would not feed Royal Canin. The first few ingredients are poor quality: Chicken meal, brown rice, corn, corn gluten meal, rice Felines do not need to eat food that is mostly rice or corn or meals. There are better dry foods that contains better ingredients like real meat and little to no corn or rice or meals. Some brands to look at: Nature's Variety, Innova EVO, and Wellness. There are others but these are the ones I can think of.
  • edited 21 April, 2007
    those brands are not available where i live. and actually (or sadly!) royal canin is one of the best available. there are cheaper brands with suspicious ingredients, even more so than RC. my owners were also wary of this brand at first, but kept buying it when they saw how much i improved. it helped my constipation problem, and made my fur look healthier. as far as they know, there is no brand that's better for me, in terms of both quality and cost. |^|
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 21 April, 2007
    Oh, I didn't realize that you don't live in the US :r Well, then Royal Canin is just fine for you to eat. What other brands are available where you live?
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
    edited 21 April, 2007
    We also don't live in the US and RC is one of the best foods we can get here. We had a bit of a scare since RC has a recall here for locally made foods, but ours comes from France and is supposed to be fine. We used to get RC "Fit and Beautiful" which has about the highest protein content we have ever seen, but after the all the gluten problems, we switched to "Skin Care" which doesn't contain any gluten whatsoever and the only grain in it is rice. We haven't seen any food here without any grains and most contain gluten of some kind. We look VERY good on this food and we certainly don't have any health problems. BTW, the first ingredients are dehydrated poultry meat, rice, poultry fat, vegetable fibres, poultry liver.
  • Karyn LehmannKaryn Lehmann redlandsMember Posts: 247
    edited 21 April, 2007
    thier formulas are VERY different in parts of the world. I found this odd, but it is marketing to the market.
  • edited 22 April, 2007
    spike, i agree with you! |^|
  • Allyson SeachAllyson Seach EvansvilleMember Posts: 49
    edited 23 April, 2007
    what about science diet adult ocean fish and rice recipe...? Mommy hasnt slept since thursday...not very well and she's very very very VERY nervous about me and Astro. She's even made plans to speak with her councelor about it because her concerns are so overwhelming that they distract her from EVERYTHING... So, maybe if she got some input from those willing to share she could find some direction. If you wouldn't mind to please read my most recent diary entry...i had to go to the vet last week...mommy's wondering if it might be related. Please, please feel free and welcome to tell her what you think-just simply your opinion. Thanks.. Phoebe jO
  • Hazel_LucyHazel_Lucy PurrsvilleMember Posts: 6,156 ✭✭✭
    edited 23 April, 2007
    I would probably not feed Science Diet anything, but instead try Calf. Natural which is very wholesome. I'm sure you will receive many thoughts. My belief now is that the larger companies use poorer-quality ingredients. All meat is not equal. Whole rice is not rice gluten. Vets have no training at all in regards to nutrition. stay in touch.
  • Allyson SeachAllyson Seach EvansvilleMember Posts: 49
    edited 23 April, 2007
    i guess i should add that last thursday (the same night we heard about the rice gluten recall), I slept with on the couch next to mom because she was up late doing homework. At about 3:30 in the morning I just woke up and vomitted. Just the one time. Mommy has noticed some other things that have caught her attention but no one else seems to EVER be around or they think she's just worrying too much. But, sometimes I dont want to play with her or my toys, i sometimes just look at her and turn and lay down or just simply stay where I'm at. Mommy says it almost seems like I'm just emotionless at those times. I just let her come and pick me up, and normally I would at least duck away a little bit because im a daddy's girl. But I have more days where I have a very somber expression. Astro has been the same way, but not as much as me. Mommy has also noticed that our litter box is EXTRA stinky sometimes now (yes pretty little girls could outstink any boy in any litter box! :h: )...for example mommy was out in the living room on the couch last night after the Virginia Tech Candle Light Vigil at her college, and she could smell when one of us used the litter box (which is in the bathroom next to the tub kinda...). It smelled so strongly that she got up just to make sure we didnt go outside our box. She's been checking for diahreah (such a gross word...hehe) and blood in both our solid and liquid waste. She hasn't seen any blood that she's aware of, our poohs are just kind of soft and hard to get out sometimes for me (phoebe jo). The other morning Astro went pee pee when he woke up and he peed a LOT. I mean a lot...enough that mommy thought she left the water running...and we pee on SAND...wierd. Astro has done that 1 other time too, but that's it really. Mommy has read up on various blogs and personal responses of those who feed their cats Science Diet Adult Dry, to try and get a feel for what most unfortunate kitties go through so she can compare all the things she's worried about with us. She's not seen anything TOO consistent, except in the fact that she has seen 1 or 2 of our on and off, "strange" behaviors in responses from various people...meaning no other kitty's description of their case is identical to ours, just bits and pieces. Mommy has cried herself to sleep EVERY NIGHT since thursday, and it has taken her more than an hour to fall asleep every night because she really has been carrying this overwhelming...fear/sadness/anger/GUILT!!!! She just kisses us when we fall asleep and says she's sorry... She's trying to stay calm and level-headed, but the feelings inside of her are seriously beginning to weigh on her day in, and day out, in a way that just is undescribable...she's really scared it'll be too late before she can make a decision on what to do. I'm schedule to have surgery on thursday... Is mommy just overreacting...?
  • D GarmanD Garman RichmondMember Posts: 745
    edited 23 April, 2007
    Phoebe, why do you have to have surgery? Your mom's not being paranoid. She knows you better than anyone else in this world. Anyway, how can you not be a LITTLE paranoid with all this food recall business going on?? My mom totally freaked out and took both of my doggie siblings to the vet this past Friday. The eldest dog (Jenna) had gotten sick once and the younger (Penny) had been sick a few times, too. Penny pukes when she gets upset (odd dog, that one) so it wasn't exactly uncommon but Mom's been a wreck with all the food recalls, even though none of their foods were on the list. Mom worried for awhile that she was being paranoid but decided she'd rather be safe than sorry. All they did was take a bit of blood from each pup and the next day they were able to tell her that both mutts were just fine. Keep us updated on how you are feeling, please. And pmail me and mom if we can do anything to help!
  • Allyson SeachAllyson Seach EvansvilleMember Posts: 49
    edited 25 April, 2007
    just the typical surgery/check up stuff
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