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What are you eating??



  • Laura VitaleLaura Vitale WoodmereMember Posts: 7
    edited 1 May, 2007
    ***IMPORTANT NEWS**** Mommy got this e-mail just now!!!! Dear Laura [that's Mommy], It is with a very sad and heavy heart I email you but know of no other way as we have shared several open, honest emails to-date recently. This afternoon I was informed the Triumph Cuts In Gracy pouches are being reviewed and likely will be added to the list. Despite three tests which continue to show NO issues and the fact none of the suspect imported wheat gluten was used in Triumph, the FDA has determined, and we understand, that ANY cuts in gravy made close to the dates in question on the same machinery should not be sold any longer. Again, we have no negative issues, but I can support the decision as much as it is hurtful to all of us who feed Triumph cuts that if that is the decision and it completely clears all products out of the marketplace, then so be it. I am so upset as I have been forthright and as fast in responding as possible to you and many others..and therefore feel I need to keep to that policy versus allow you to read it or hear about it elsewhere. Please email me with any question or comments. A full refund is available or you can exchange for a free case of any loaf style Triumph. I am so sorry Laura!! Regards, Scot Triumph Pet Foods ________________________________________________________________ So I don't know WHAT we'll do now. Anyone know of any "cuts 'n' gravy or sauce" that has no by-products?
  • Jessica CobbJessica Cobb Gastonia/CharlotteMember Posts: 91
    edited 1 May, 2007
    Friday-Lucifer, EVO is another food by Natura, the company that makes Innova, California Natural, etc. It's a high protein (50-52%) food with low carbs, which sort of mimics a cats natural diet. My mom thinks its a little too much for me, and she just put me on Innova and I love it. I edited this to add a link in case you wanted to look into it more.
  • Mugsy MillerMugsy Miller Member Posts: 839
    edited 5 May, 2007
    We eat Fromms Four Stars Salmon Dry, Solid Gold KatznFlocken, and Merrick canned(Lobster boil is the one I like best, but watch for icky poops on Merrick canned). Roxy will only eat Fancy Feast canned Ocean Whitefish or Purina Indoor Cat dry. Mommy and daddy tried to get her to eat what I eat, but she will refuse food altogether and starve rather than eat something other than "kitty crack".
  • Autumn GessertAutumn Gessert Amarillo, TXMember Posts: 333 ✭✭
    edited 5 May, 2007
    We changed our food after the recall started in March, Mommy got so scared (SHE\'s the fraidy-cat around here). We used to eat a dry Science Diet all day with a little canned for supper, she stopped the canned and feeds us people food instead (just a little bit, like a treat). We switched our dry about a month ago to this dry stuff called \"KumpiKat\" and we really like it. It tastes real good, and so far it has been safe -- at least, it hasn\'t been recalled yet. Wishing you the best of luck on whatever you choose.
  • Tonya FulkerTonya Fulker HoustonMember Posts: 26
    edited 6 May, 2007
    Right now, my mommy is feeding me a mixture of Blue Buffalo *indoor/lite* and By Nature, Organics. Although, right now, it's mostly By Nature, Organics. The BLUE is running low. I usually get a canned food every Tuesday, but since BLUE voluntarily recalled all their canned products (, she's at a loss at what to purchase for my Tuesday treats now.
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