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Lyle BartholomeLyle Bartholome KnoxvilleMember Posts: 33
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I was wondering what to expect at different stages for kittens from birth. I have been looking around and I am sure it has been addressed somewhere on Catster but with so much information here I can\'t find it. Some questions. How long until eyes open? I think about 2 weeks. How long until they start moving from their nesting area on their own? How long until getting weaned from momma milk and to solid foods? How about weight gain? Everything seems to be going fine but I thought I could find some information to see what to expect. If contacted directly please also post here for others with similar questions.


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    I\'ve raised two litters which doesn\'t make me an expert, but because of my personality, I research and document everything. Eyes typically open around 14 days, though it can be sooner based on socialization. The first litter I ever took in didn\'t open their eyes until 2 weeks, but I never went in to handle them much because I was afraid. The second litter were handled for a few moments every day, even if it was just sitting by the mother and petting as they nursed. Those guys opened their eyes after a week and two days! I\'ve read in numerous sources that human contact can effect development positively if done correctly (which means not imposing on the mother cat, but sort of being a support). Around four weeks, the little critters will start getting pretty active, wrestling with one another and crawling around. I kept my litters in the bottom of my closet. The bottom was lined with pillows and towels and there was a gate in front of it that was easily entered by the mom but impossible for the babies to escape from. They won\'t venture far from mom until about 7 weeks, when she begins to wean them. They\'re typically weaned around 6 or 7 weeks, but the mom will do that herself. It\'s instinct. You just have to be sure you make softened kitten food available for them to start munching on. The most drastic growth is the first 4 or 5 weeks. They\'re literally different every single day! Jack is 8 1/2 weeks right now and he weighed in today at the vet at 2.8 lbs. That is pretty normal, I think, because he is the biggest of the litter. Still, this is just from my own personal experience/reading, so feel free to do your own. You\'ll feel a lot better about everything and also enjoy the process. Just remember: take lots of pictures!!! Good luck with your group :) s&j
  • Lyle BartholomeLyle Bartholome KnoxvilleMember Posts: 33
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    Thanks and here are 2 more I found some information on. All 4 have their eyes starting to open at 8 days.
  • eva pennyeva penny chehalisMember Posts: 528
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    Here's my favorite site =;
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