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So when I got Jack he had been fed Purina Kitten Chow and I was told for the first week or so NOT to change the food because he had just started solids. I\'ve also heard it upsets their stomach but I don\'t know how valid that is. Now that he has gotten consistent with eating his dry food, I am ready to change. I want something healthier for him and something that I can feel good giving him. I know that Purina isn\'t terrible, but it\'s not the best and I know I can manage a few extra dollars if it meant Jack was better off. Problem is, it seems everything I read is conflicting. I\'m thinking of getting him on Innova EVO for Cat & Kitten with some of Natural Balance\'s canned food. Does this seem like a good mix? I\'ve read that Innova\'s canned leaves a lot to be desired and so, because I\'m going to be ordering online, I want to be sure I\'m making a good choice. Any and all feedback is great, especially concerning HOW MUCH to give him and how often and what should be the primary source (wet/dry). I was going to speak to my vet about it, but they really endorse Science Diet and so I didn\'t want to feel obligated to buy that without doing my homework. Thanks guys! sarah & hungry jack


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    Hi Jack...Anytime you switch the food you should do it slowly because kittens and cats have sensitive stomachs and switching to fast can cause upset tummies. I get an upset tummy still and I am almost 4. I eat Innova Evo currently. According to the pet store we get it at it is one of the better foods. Mommy switched us to that recently because of all of the pet food recalls. We also get Merrick wet food which is made in the US with US ingredients. Mommy always thought you let a kitten each as much as they want...They need more calories then an adult cat. They are growing and full of energy. Good Luck Purrs Melodie
  • Sarah ManolisSarah Manolis San FranciscoMember Posts: 148
    edited 8 May, 2007
    Thanks, Melodie! By the way, I realize this post isn't in the Nutrition section so if it needs to be moved, go ahead. I didn't realize until after I posted it.
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