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What food to use?

Juli ShinozukaJuli Shinozuka Member Posts: 1,414
edited 28 May, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
My cat is on Felidae right now but have been thinking of switching her to Innova Evo or Nature's Variety Raw Instinct. I am thinking of putting her on grain-free. Do cats do fine on those diets or are they too rich? Normally when one small bag of food runs out, I just buy whatever brand. She doesn't get canned much since she just snacks all day long (self regulates). Another brand I considered was Solid Gold. She has no allergies I am aware of. She is not picky really. Her whole life she has probably been on several brands of food with no fuss about the change. Whatever is in that dish of hers is food. Oh wait, the one thing she did NOT like was The Honest Kitchen Prowl, although it was not served in her bowl. It was served in the kitchen where I have a Tupperware container on the floor for handouts.


  • Karyn LehmannKaryn Lehmann redlandsMember Posts: 247
    edited 27 May, 2007
    we eat raw instinct and are doing great! we tried evo & Core & did not like them but we know TONS of cats that love all 3 & do great on them. Grain free was the way to go for us, but it is not for every cat. give it a go & see how it comes out (MOL). the first few trips to the box may be a bit ,well, rank to say the least. but after the transition should temper a bit.
  • Angela ClarkAngela Clark Fort SmithMember Posts: 15,094
    edited 27 May, 2007
    Marina and I do great on Evo. Our baby sister, Tosca, can't eat it yet. It may be too rich for her right now. She is only 5 months old. We are going to try it again when she gets older. We also like Wellness quite a bit. Good luck on whatever you choose.
  • C MillsC Mills MunichMember Posts: 24
    edited 28 May, 2007
    I eat Orijen, which is grain-free, and I'm doing fine on it. :) I also get Almo Nature wet food because I'm a Sphynx and so I have a fast metabolism.
  • Juli ShinozukaJuli Shinozuka Member Posts: 1,414
    edited 28 May, 2007
    Thanks guys. I would have considered Orijen if there was a local source here, but there is not. It looks like I might rotate between Innova Evo and Raw Instinct.
  • Sarah ManolisSarah Manolis San FranciscoMember Posts: 148
    edited 28 May, 2007
    I'm responding to the person who said that their cat didn't do well on Innova because she was so young. Is that a factor? I know Innova EVO is one of the richer brands, due to its high protein content, but I didn't know if age was a factor in being able to handle those foods. Over the past week I have been slowly switching Jack's food, starting out at about 75% Purina (the original food) and 25% Innova. Now it's about 60% Purina and 40% Innova. The only thing I've noticed is that, a few days ago, I tried to half and half the foods, but Jack got the worst runs. His stool was very loose and smelled absolutely horrible. I then downed the amount of Innova and upped the Purina and his stool has gone back to normal. I didn't notice any behavior difference or discomfort, but the stool seemed to have a streak of blood in it once, which is was made me switch the amounts I was serving immediately. I bought a 2 lb bag of Innova because I know it is an investment and didn't want to waste my money if it wasn't going to work out for him. Are there gentler foods that are still as healthy or is this a process that will work itself out if I am slow with it? I don't want to upset his stomach or make him out of whack, but I don't want to stop if this is something that will pass as he becomes acclimated to the food change. Just let me know if you guys have any insight! sarah & jack
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