Flea and Tick Control for Indoor Cats

Kaitlin CorbeilleKaitlin Corbeille Seabrook/League City (Houston)Member Posts: 3,588
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Hi everyone, I am about to adopt a cat and I was wondering how important flea and tick control products are for indoor cats? Do I also need to worry about heartworms if he never goes outside? We do have a dog and she is on Frontline and Heartguard. We are relatively new on Catster but are regulars on Dogster. Any help would be much appreciated! Edited for typo.


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    Hello - Flea and tick control (especially flea!!!) is VERY important for any cat, indoor or outdoor. If your dog goes outside, regardless of if he is treated, he may pass fleas to your cat. In these summer months, fleas will find their way on your animal. I had a strictly indoor kitten that I had hand-reared myself. I bathed her twice in one week and saw no fleas, not even in the bath water. About two months later, she was INFESTED. I don't know if the fleas followed me inside, or if they had gotten in through windows/doors, but she was covered. I always treated her after that and felt a lot better. As for brands, most vets carry Frontline and Advantix. I am using Frontline and it works great. My vet said that every several months, if you are noticing a general ineffectiveness, switch to the other product for a while. Sometimes fleas can become immune to one type of medication. It's good to cycle them to keep them off. As for Heartgard, I went into my vet's office fully prepared to buy it. My vet actually stopped me and said the percentage of cats that get it is so small that you're probably wasting your money. I told him my cat would be strictly indoor and he said that he wouldn't recommend me getting it for him. I took his word for it. (Who ever heard of anyone in the medical profession trying to SAVE you money?!) s & j
  • Kaitlin CorbeilleKaitlin Corbeille Seabrook/League City (Houston)Member Posts: 3,588
    edited 3 June, 2007
    Thanks for the help Jack!
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