Shout out to other American Curls

Patricia KrookPatricia Krook Member Posts: 13
edited 17 April, 2008 in American Curl
I know Alix is not the only "curl" on the c'mon, come introduce yourself! I have been in love with this breed since the middle 1980's, and had one in my life since then. Wonderful breed of kitty..bright, inquisitive, many are talkative - responsively more than chattering - many play fetch. Hope to hear more Curl stories here soon.


  • tori jijitori jiji Member Posts: 2
    edited 3 July, 2007
    ;c; :q :c9 :-h ;) :h: :))! %:D% :c9 =; :o) |^| :? :^: |$| :q;P :P ::o |bb| |:| :) :)) :( :((:-/ :-O:-#:-$ =D> :r :D
  • Brandy MarchadierBrandy Marchadier Member Posts: 1
    edited 31 July, 2007
    American curls here. My straight ear just had four kittens. Their Aunt and 5 cousins have curled ears. I only have one of the five kittens and she has straight ears.
  • Patricia KrookPatricia Krook Member Posts: 13
    edited 17 August, 2007
    Hey there Too Many Cats...your kitten is cute, straight or curly-earred! You can't get a curly earred kitten unless one of the parents has curled ears, since the gene for curled ears is a dominant one. Unlike fun recessives like colorpoint coloring, curly ears can't just pop up unexpectedly in a litter if both mom and dad have straight ears.
  • Robby PaulsenRobby Paulsen SycamoreMember Posts: 64
    edited 18 December, 2007
    Curls are wonderful!!! We aren`t actually American Curls, but Impians. We`re Polydactyl Curls. We will happily visit with you, if you let us, our only major difference are our extra toes... Cheers! Toe Lula and Geppet Toe =^..^=
  • hannah hannahhannah hannah town/ N'hood/ the bark parkMember Posts: 566
    edited 3 January, 2008
    hi im only 2 and im a half breed curl but my ears are very curly:)) and i am very excited about this;c;
  • Mary JohnsonMary Johnson Member Posts: 338
    edited 30 March, 2008
    Hello, what is an Impian?
  • Patricia KrookPatricia Krook Member Posts: 13
    edited 17 April, 2008
    Impians are one of a growing number of hybrid breeds that are using the dominant gene for curly ears of the American Curl to create new breeds. I'm afraid that Alix and I are not fans of this...we think the American Curl - which is not man-made and which is still a very rare breed - needs no improvement, and that there are so many great kitties out there, mixed and of a recognized breed. However, we love curly ears so let's leave it at that, having said the above, our position is clear.
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